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  • Arjon's

    Even if you can’t dance salsa, Arjon’s will make you want to try. Live music Thursday-Sunday (with free salsa lessons Sundays from 7:30-9pm) sets the stage for seasoned professionals and protégées to cut some serious rug. Cocktail waitresses charge only slightly more if you’re lucky enough to score a table _ otherwise it’s dancing-room only. If you overdose on cumbia and merengue, hit the back patio, where you’re likely to find couples refueling over plates of mini tacos.

    Category: Club
  • East Austin Studio Tour

    This venue is one of many studios participating in the East Austin Studio Tour. Visit for a complete list.

  • Fralos
  • Harleston's Bar & Grill
  • La Casita de David Shelton
  • Oklahoma City Museum of Art
  • Sam's Burger Joint

    You’ve gotta walk over to the restaurant next door to get them, but Sam’s burgers are a damn sight better than standard bar food. Carry one back to the bar and stuff your face while you watch one of the large variety of bands, from alt rock to country to cumbia, that commandeer the mid-size stage, but expect to pay extra for a booth reservation if you want to set that sandwich on a table when a nationally known act like Joe Ely or Kinky Friedman comes to town.

    Category: Club, Live music club
  • San Antone Cafe & Concerts

    God won’t return our calls (and we’re not so sure about all the fellas who claim to be his spokespeople), so we can only speculate how he feels about you guzzling hooch in his former home. We can tell you, though, that as of press time, the musicians who’ve played there — Bett Butler & Joël Dilley, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Rosie Flores — remain largely un-lightning-struck. Maybe the monthly visitation he gets during the popular Sunday Gospel Brunch is enough to stay his wrath.

    Category: Club
  • Sarah Jaffe Living Room Show

    For tickets and information, visit

  • Scout Bar

    Take a lesson from the Boy Scouts of America (not the one about discriminating against gay people) and be prepared when you visit this hybrid live music venue and dance club. Be prepared for a 20-minute drive up 281 if you live downtown. Be prepared to tip the bathroom attendant if you’re the hand-washing kind. Be prepared to see local bands (often for free) on a kick-ass stage that’s hosted the Toadies, Dropkick Murphies, and Billy Bob “Not an Actor” Thornton. And on Big Ass Beer nights, bring along a straight-edge friend or be prepared to call a cab.

    Category: Club, Live music club
  • Tequila Rock Bar
  • The Korova

    A gritty new addition to SA’s evolving River Walk scene, the former Ruta Maya is back from the dead with a hardcore case of the punks. Other than a comfy white couch here and there, there are no coffeehouse remnants. High-octane live music attracts a mixed alternative crowd on certain nights, but it was a DJ spinning vintage New Order that made us want to know more. For a true taste of the SA underground, hang downstairs, where we were (accidentally) stomped on by a boot-clad mosher.

    Category: Club, Live music club
  • The Mix

    Linger too long on the St. Mary’s strip and the crowd will probably push you into the Mix whether you were planning to go or not. This mainstay often ends up the de-facto place to be when you have no particular place to be, but free shows by high-caliber local bands make it a destination spot on the weekends. When an established act’s on the bill, check your claustrophobia at the door and BYO shoehorn.

    Category: Club
  • The Red Baron
  • The Ten Eleven

     Stuck in a dilapidated building stuck between SAMA and the VFW, this small room hosting local and visiting bands defines the scene to many indie fans. Thirsty? Go for the changing beer selection, which trends towards Texas micro-brews.

  • The White Rabbit

    The Jefferson Airplane song of the same name might fool you into thinking this place is a hippie joint, but usually what you’ll find waiting down this rabbit hole is a big old-fashioned mosh pit. Bands compete on the indoor and outdoor stages to see whose music is louder and most violent, so odds are you won’t even hear what that damn dormouse said, but most of the pitting is admirably polite, and the pizza place next door is a viable option should all the shoving give you an urge to feed your head.

    Category: Club, Live music club

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Critic's Picks all events

  • Ed Wilson:
    Ed Wilson:"One-Off's" 10/2 6:00PM

    Fl!ght Gallery showcases a collection of works artist Ed Wilson has created over the last 18-plus years, from castings to large-scale sculpture.

    Place: FL!GHT
    Category: Art, Exhibits
  • Tommy Gregory:

      Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum hosts an opening reception for Houston based artist Tommy Gregory, whose sculptural, photographic and installation based works deal with technology, communication and patience. In a modern society of instant gratification, the “smart” device takes over and patience falls to the wayside. Gregory's work "in this exhibition gives the viewer a tongue-in-cheek look at [his] take on all of this...From selfies to the planned obsolescence of rapidly changing technologies.”

    Category: Art, Exhibits
  • The Manhattan Short Film Festival

    Founded by Nicholas Mason in 1998, the Manhattan Short Film Festival has grown from a humble presentation screened on the side of a truck to a far-reaching global affair encompassing upwards of 250 cinemas spread across six continents. With alums who have gone on to earn Oscar nods, Manhattan Short is now billed as a “breeding ground for the next big thing in film.” An interactive draw for opinionated cinephiles, the top awards (Best Film and Best Actor) are determined by audience votes collected at screenings around the world. Narrowed down from 589 entries representing 47 countries and ranging in length from eight to 17 minutes, the fest’s 17th annual program comprises Ben Brand’s 97% (Netherlands), Alix Lambert and Sam Chou’s Crime: The Animated Series (U.S.), Elena Fuller’s On the Bridge (UK), James Croke’s Shift (Australia), Andreas Thaulow’s The Fall (Norway), Thierry Lorenzi’s On/Off (France), Josh Soskin’s La Carnada (Mexico), Bexie Bush’s Mend and Make Do (UK), Monn Molson’s The Bravest, The Boldest (U.S.) and Erik Schmitt’s Rhino Full Throttle (Germany).

    Place: URBAN-15
    Category: Film, Shorts
  • SERIE: A Serie Project Perspective

    On Friday, October 3 SAY Si and UTSA will present “SERIE: A Serie Project Retrospective,” an exhibition of 100+ Serie Project artworks never before displayed from the private collection of Drs. Harriett and Ricardo Romo. The Serie Project, which started in 1993 by the late artists and teacher, Sam Conrado, allows underrepresented artists to benefit from collaboration and learn the ‘serigraphy’ technique.

    Category: Art
  • Roadkill Ghost Choir
    Roadkill Ghost Choir 10/3 8:00PM

    Roadkill Ghost Choir’s website describes their music as “Tom Petty by way of Radiohead and Cormac McCarthy” and—for their somber, folky, alternative, Southern Gothic flair—that bloated description isn’t too far off. The Florida quintet’s debut LP, In Tongues, was released on August 19 and stands as a testament to the band’s sonic vision. Pronounced and rolling percussion, steel guitar, spacey noise and the singularly pretty, wiry voice of lead singer/songwriter Andrew Shepard, along with his dark and symbolically suggestive lyrics, make Roadkill Ghost Choir a band to be excited about.

    Place: 502 Bar
    Category: Music, Rock/Pop
  • Paul Collins' The Beat
    Paul Collins' The Beat 10/3 9:00PM

    Forming the Beat in the late ’70s as his personal power pop pulpit, Paul Collins helped set the tone for the genre for years to come with his speedy, fructose-packed guitar pulses. On “Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl” and “Don’t Wait Up for Me,” two of the Beat’s more famous compositions, Collins spits out tales of romance and heartbreak over a trued backbeat, trading off between a twangy purr and impressive group harmonies. With an original run into the early ’90s, Collins revived the Beat in the early aughts, touring China, cutting new tunes and joining Green Day for their Broadway production of American Idiot. Sowing the early seeds of power pop, Collins is still enjoying the harvest, gigging with bands in the tow of his legacy. With the Rich Hands, the Bolos, Dark Planes.

    Place: The Korova
    Category: Music, Rock/Pop

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