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  • Camp Broadway
    Camp Broadway 8/5 8:00AM

    Las Casas Foundation, known for its dedication to supporting the performing arts through education, is once again setting the stage for young aspiring performers and helping them pursue their dreams by bringing Camp Broadway, a summer camp for aspiring artists and theater fans. Theater-loving children ages 10-17 are invited to take their turn in the spotlight. Camp Broadway is a week-long program that immerses campers in an authentic Broadway rehearsal process and allows them to be successful no matter what their experience level may be.

  • Host an Exchange Student

    Make a lifelong friend from abroad. Enrich your family with another culture. Now you can host a high-school exchange student (girl or boy) from France, Germany, Scandinavia, Spain, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Italy or other countries. Single parents, as well as couples with or without children, may host. Contact us as soon as possible for more information or to select your student by calling Karen at (800) 473-0696 or emailing

    Place: San Antonio
  • Single Female Social Drinkers Needed

    The University of Texas at San Antonio is looking for single women, ages 21-30, to be in a research study about social interactions and alcohol. You could receive $120 for a one-day research study.  If you are interested, call (210) 458-DYAD (3923).​

  • Kids Fun Day
    Kids Fun Day 8/2 10:00AM

    All kids will have the opportunity to run model trains at this event. New features for 2013 include a large US Army model garden (G) scale and Lego building Children can visit the steam engine, caboose, dining car, and box car, as well as take part in oher train-related activities.

    Category: Notices, Kids

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Critic's Picks all events

  • Magnificent Obsession
    Magnificent Obsession 7/31 6:30PM

    The McNay’s 60th Anniversary Film Series continues with Douglas Sirk’s 1954 romantic drama starring Rock Hudson as a reckless playboy who inadvertently causes the death of a local hero.

    Category: Film, Romance
  • Ottmar Liebert
    Ottmar Liebert 7/31 8:00PM

    Born in Germany but residing in New Mexico, guitarist Ottmar Liebert plays Spanish-style guitar (not quite Flamenco) with a track record of uproarious success. With 38 gold and platinum certifications, Liebert’s 27 career LPs are a literal gold standard for New Age music.

    Category: Music, Concert, Jazz, New age
  • He Is Legend
    He Is Legend 7/31 9:00PM

    With a name adapted from Richard Matheson’s 1954 zombie novel I Am Legend, North Carolina heavy rockers He Is Legend get in line with the long tradition of rock ‘n’ rollers influenced by sci-fi and fantasy. With Maylene, Sons of Disaster, Wilson.

    Place: Limelight
  • Brian Phillips & Tim Kerr:

    With a nod to exquisite corpse, “You Are Here” highlights a collaboration between Tim Kerr and Brian Phillips. Kerr studied painting and photography at UT–Austin and played a key role in Texas’ early punk scene as a founding member of Big Boys and other bands. Louisiana native Phillips illustrates his mantra “One man’s junk pile is another man’s art supplies” with puzzle-like constructions built from reclaimed wood. A tribute to inspiring icons, the duo’s joint project involved Kerr painting portraits of Rosa Parks, Evel Knievel and many more on surfaces pieced together by Phillips.

    Place: Hello Studio
    Category: Art, Exhibits
  • Street Eaters
    Street Eaters 7/31 9:00PM

    A romantic coupling as the foundation of a band can mean bad news; just ask Rumors-era Fleetwood Mac how that arrangement holds up in the face of meteoric success. But, Berkeley’s Street Eaters appear to have a working model of how to juggle it all, while avoiding the six-second bubble gum appeal and tradeoff melodies of the many twee, indie pop couples out there. On their new release, Blood::Muscles::Bone, Megan March and Johnny Geek churn through 10 songs of stripped-down punk, relying on March’s drums and Geek’s bass to propel Street Eaters’ formidable energy. With SA’s Sheila and the Chilaquiles, and Smokey Robinsons.

    Category: Music, Rock/Pop
  • Josh Wolf
    Josh Wolf 8/1 8:00PM

    There seem to be two kinds of comedy fans in 2014: those to whom a Chelsea Lately credit is a come-on and those to whom it’s a warning flag. In the case of Josh Wolf, this binary proves as dumb as most. Though at 40-plus he looks every bit the Mannish Boy Frat Daddy, and his style—confidently delivered observations about sex and other bodily functions (what before the ’90s alt/club split was commonly known as “comedy”)—is definitely panel-ready, his actual life experiences as a single dad give his material and outlook a broader appeal than any niche he might appear to fit.

    Category: Comedy, Stand-up

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