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  • Kids Fun Day
    Kids Fun Day 11/1 10:00AM

    All kids will have the opportunity to run model trains at this event. New features for 2013 include a large US Army model garden (G) scale and Lego building Children can visit the steam engine, caboose, dining car, and box car, as well as take part in oher train-related activities.

    Category: Notices, Kids

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  • Healthcare in Antiquity
    Healthcare in Antiquity 10/20 6:30PM

    Historian Alain Touwaide speaks at Trinity University on new techniques in researching the health and well-being of ancient societies. Medical archaeology usually deals with the dead and the identification of diseases, causalities and major traumas, or any other event that had an impact on ancient peoples' life and well-being. Rarely does it take into consideration the factors that contributed to populations' health, from diet to medicines. Alain Touwaide, a medical historian, discusses new research on the subject in a presentation titled “The Archaeology of Health in the Ancient Mediterranean World.” In assessing the health of ancient populations, Touwaide uses a broad, trans-disciplinary approach, incorporating philology, history, medicine and pharmacy, pharmacology and ethno-anthropology. His extensive research includes analyzing ancient texts in their original language, preparing critical editions of major works (with translation and scientific analysis), searching in libraries all across the world for unknown ancient manuscripts, and producing reference works on ancient botany, therapeutics and plant representations.

    Category: Talks plus
  • Igudesman & Joo
    Igudesman & Joo 10/21 7:30PM

    Igudesman & Joo market themselves as a cross between West Side Story and The Simpsons, but to my ears, classical music’s Weird Al Yankovic more directly hits the mark. What if Mozart had arranged “I Will Survive?” Or if you turned “La Cucaracha” into a sonata? Sure it takes a bit of classical training to be in on the joke, but Igudesman & Joo’s brilliance lies in the execution, particularly the duo’s incredible musicianship and fine comic timing. Lord knows classical music deserves to have a little fun poked at it and arguably nobody does it with more humor and dedication to the music than these guys.

    Category: Music, Classical
  • In conjunction with the exhibition “Altering Space,” the Southwest School of Art’s Photography Department Chair Victor Pagona discusses an evolution in creating and defining the landscape in contemporary art.

    Category: Talks plus
  • The Evolution of Irrationality: Insights from Monkeys

    "The Evolution of Irrationality: Insights from Monkeys" is presented by Dr. Laurie Santos, as part of the Mind Science Foundation’s 2014 Distinguished Speakers Series. Over the past few years, Santos has examined the roots of human irrationality by studying the way our primate relatives make decisions. Her experiments in "monkeynomics" have shown that monkeys make some of the same silly financial choices as humans do. But her work has also revealed ways in which human choices are uniquely irrational - with monkeys sometimes making smarter choices than we do.  

    Place: Pearl Stable
    Category: Talks plus

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