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  • Wildlife Wednesday: Fishing Fun!

    There's no water, but there's lots of fun in this class where children learn about Texas fishing regulations and the fish they might catch in this area. They practice basic knot tying, baiting a hook, and casting techniques without water. This class is recommended for younger children who have not gone fishing before or who want to safely develop basic fishing skills. Meet at the basketball courts. This class is part of the summer Wildlife Wednesday series for students 5 to 10 years old. Class size is limited. Call 210-207-3280 or email to register.

    Category: Talks plus, Workshop
  • Create2Educate
    Create2Educate 7/31 4:00PM

    Teachers, get inspired and start preparing for the new school year at Michaels’ Create2Educate event. Get great organization ideas along with classroom project demos and lesson plans. The first 25 attendees at each store will receive a school year survival kit with lesson plans, product samples and more.

    Category: Talks plus, Workshop
  • Introduction to Magic
    Introduction to Magic 8/2 2:00PM

    Hocus Pocus, Alakazam! Local professional magician Paul Mims visits Westfall Branch Library to discuss the art of stage magic and teach a few basic tricks.

    Category: Talks plus, Workshop
  • Summer Keychain & Bracelet Crafting Event

    Embrace summer style at Michaels. Make a must-have, one-of-a-kind DIY key chain or bracelet at the crafty Summer Keychain and Bracelet Event. Just $2 per 30-minute session (includes supplies). Ages 3 and up are welcome to this event.

    Category: Talks plus, Workshop
  • Get Pop-Cultured: Creating Heroes and Villains

    In celebration of Marvel Comics’ 75th anniversary, local authors David Liss (The Mystery Men, The Day of Atonement) and Joe McKinney (Flesh Eaters, Apocalypse of the Dead) discuss how they create heroes and villains in their works.

  • College Application & Financial Aid Made Easy Seminar

    This free and non-profit seminar is led by Chandra Murthy. Meant for high school students and parents, the program covers topics about how to prepare for college starting with your freshman year in high school, steps for college applications, standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, and AP, how to write powerful essays, extra curricular activities, interviews, how to apply for financial aid and scholarships, types of loans available for college education, and methods on how to apply to colleges (without a computer or internet at home). Questions and answers are available with spanish translation. For more info contact cafécollege.

    Place: Cafe College
  • 210|West Gallery Talk: Complicated History

    In conjunction with the Briscoe’s first Tuesday gallery talk series, local artist Anne Wallace discusses her ranching family’s pioneering legacy in North Texas and its influence on her work.

    Category: Talks plus, Lecture
  • Paula Deen Live!
    Paula Deen Live! 8/6 7:30PM

    Paula Deen Live! will be an entertaining and interactive ninety-minute show featuring Paula demonstrating how to make her favorite seasonal dishes, including new recipes featuring Springer Mountain Farms chicken. For the first time ever, fans will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with Paula on stage and taste her delicious Southern creations. Paula and her husband, Michael, will share personal stories and engage the audience in cooking and games.

  • An Installation by Paul Villinski

    Artist Paul Villinski discusses his site- specific installations from recycled LP records, aluminum cans, and other found materials. View his installation, Burst in the AT&T Lobby.

    Category: Talks plus, Lecture
  • Exhibition Talk: Burst: An Installation By Paul Villinski

    Artist Paul Villinski discusses his site-specific installations from recycled LP records, aluminum cans, and other found materials. View his installation Burst in the AT&T Lobby.

  • Page & Screen Weekend
    Page & Screen Weekend 8/9 2:00PM

    As part of Barnes & Nobles Page & Screen weekend, Gabe Lopez from the OLLU Library will lead a discussion on “A Game of Thrones.”

  • Zombie Response Team Training Event

    Have you ever felt the need to be prepared for an emergency or disaster? Maybe you've just experienced a black out and wanted to know how to be better prepared for another one in the future? Whatever your level of interest is, it never hurts to be prepared for the uncertainties that come our way. We have a lot to worry about in our day-to-day lives, so coming face to face with a disaster or emergency and not being prepared for it, shouldn't be an additional worry.

    Category: Talks plus, Lessons
  • Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland

    Alan Montemayor and Cheryl Hamilton will provide wonderful exploration of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and the Svalbard Archipelago. This includes the surrounding areas of the North Pole, land of the polar bear, beluga, walrus, and reindeer. This expedition will be on Spisbergen Explorer.

    Place: Witte Museum
    Category: Talks plus, Lecture
  • It's Not too Early to Start a Fall Garden

    Learn how to prepare for a fall garden such as soil and planting preparation, getting rid of weeds, types of soil amendments and fertilizers, variety of warm and cool season crops, do's and don'ts of fall gardening, and the successes and challenges of having a fall garden. RSVP to Angel Torres at 210-467-6575 or

    Category: Talks plus, Workshop
  • Photogravure Printmaking
    Photogravure Printmaking 8/23 10:30AM

    Learn how artists expose light-sensitive plates to a photographic process and pull a photogravure print. Work with renowned printmaker Janet Flohr of Hare and Hound Press.

    Category: Talks plus, Workshop
  • Back to School Event
    Back to School Event 8/23 11:00AM

    With the beginning of school just days away, teachers may need a little extra help this school year. Author and educator Karen Aitken is on hand to talk about her book, “Creating the Self Managed Classroom: How to Teach Students to Manage Themselves.”

  • Imitation of Matisse
    Imitation of Matisse 8/26 6:30PM

    Art historian Dr. Richard Shiff from the University of Texas at Austin offers insight into one of Matisse’s great contributions to Modern art in this lecture. Matisse internalized the process of representation allowing his own desires and imagination to shape the subject matter. For Matisse the representational painting in studio was linked to the human body, its organized environment, and its domestic comforts. Matisse’s work is also marked by the surfaces he decorated, the tools he handled, and the layers of color he applied. The world became what he wanted it to be in the studio.

    Category: Talks plus, Lecture
  • Summer Sunprints
    Summer Sunprints 8/31 1:00PM

    Use sunshine as an art material to create an original sunprint inspired by Paul Strand: The Mexican Portfolio. Work with San Antonio photographer to learn the technique of cyanotype printing.

    Category: Talks plus, Workshop
  • Passport to Kidney Health Patient Symposium
  • Parenting Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

    Presented by Suzi Harkey, M.Ed., Summit Christian Center’s Counseling Coordinator, this free seminar will coach parents on how to avoid common parenting mistakes with new skills to add to their Parenting Toolbox. This seminar is appropriate for families with children in all age groups, from toddlers through teens. Age-group specific parenting tips will be provided. Make sure to register online for this event. Childcare will be available for children up to age 11, but you must register your child as well.

    Category: Talks plus, Seminar
  • Huma Lecture
    Huma Lecture 9/16 11:15AM

    Category: Talks plus, Lecture
  • How to do Research for a Historic House

    King William Association is sponsoring Beth Standifird, Librarian at the San Antonio Conservation Society, to deliver a free workshop.

    Place: River House
    Category: Talks plus, Workshop
  • Huma Lecture
    Huma Lecture 9/23 11:15AM

    Category: Talks plus, Lecture
  • The Telling Project
    The Telling Project 10/5 2:00PM

    The Telling Project works to deepen our understanding of the military and veterans’ experience. Greater understanding fosters acceptance, easing veterans’ transitions back to civil society, and allowing communities to benefit from the skills and experience they bring with them.  (Co-presented with KLRN/PBS).

    Category: Talks plus
  • TEDxSanAntonio
    TEDxSanAntonio 10/18

    TEDxSanAntonio is looking for speakers: to apply visit by July 6, 2014. With a theme of "Ideas in Action" the fifth annual TEDxSanAntonio will be held at Rackspace Global Headquarters on Saturday, October 18, 2014.

    Category: Talks plus, Lecture
  • America’s Test Kitchen Live with Christopher Kimball

    Join Christopher Kimball in an informative and lively evening exploring PBS TV’s America’s Test Kitchen. The audience will get an insider’s view of the show and find out what it’s really like to work at and host one of the most popular food programs airing today.

  • An Evening with Garrison Keillor: Host of A Prairie Home Companion

    Join one of America’s most beloved radio hosts and humorists for an evening of wryly thoughtful whimsical conversation and a few old-timey songs. Garrison Keillor has won over the hearts of radio listeners with his homespun charm, reassuring voice and clever skits.

    Category: Talks plus
  • Some kids just love poop. But where analysts see psychosis, author Sylvia Branzei sees opportunity. Her best-selling book series Grossology explains the biology of diarrhea, boogers and blood to make science interesting to young, warped minds. From now until November 3, the Witte will host interactive exhibits inspired by Branzei’s books, along with a lot of disgusting noises and high-pitched giggles not often heard in fancy-pants museums. Fogeys will harrumph, but it might lead to a cancer cure.

    Place: Witte Museum
  • The Alianza LatinoAmericana: Latin Dance Lessons

    Come learn the basics of Latin dancing! Techniques covered will be footwork, body movement, terminology, timing, musicality, variations, frame, and styling. Classes will take place at the International Folk Culture Center, Room 302, at Our Lady of the Lake University. Lessons cost $45 for 10 classes, or $6 per class. For more information

    Category: Talks plus, Class
  • Tai Chi Easy/Qigong
    Tai Chi Easy/Qigong 7/31 2:00PM

    Mary Martha McNeel leads this Tai Chi Easy/Qigong class. For more information visit

    Category: Talks plus, Class

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Critic's Picks all events

  • Magnificent Obsession
    Magnificent Obsession 7/31 6:30PM

    The McNay’s 60th Anniversary Film Series continues with Douglas Sirk’s 1954 romantic drama starring Rock Hudson as a reckless playboy who inadvertently causes the death of a local hero.

    Category: Film, Romance
  • Ottmar Liebert
    Ottmar Liebert 7/31 8:00PM

    Born in Germany but residing in New Mexico, guitarist Ottmar Liebert plays Spanish-style guitar (not quite Flamenco) with a track record of uproarious success. With 38 gold and platinum certifications, Liebert’s 27 career LPs are a literal gold standard for New Age music.

    Category: Music, Concert, Jazz, New age
  • He Is Legend
    He Is Legend 7/31 9:00PM

    With a name adapted from Richard Matheson’s 1954 zombie novel I Am Legend, North Carolina heavy rockers He Is Legend get in line with the long tradition of rock ‘n’ rollers influenced by sci-fi and fantasy. With Maylene, Sons of Disaster, Wilson.

    Place: Limelight
  • Tim Kerr & Brian Phillips:

    With a nod to exquisite corpse, “You Are Here” highlights a collaboration between Tim Kerr and Brian Phillips. Kerr studied painting and photography at UT–Austin and played a key role in Texas’ early punk scene as a founding member of Big Boys and other bands. Louisiana native Phillips illustrates his mantra “One man’s junk pile is another man’s art supplies” with puzzle-like constructions built from reclaimed wood. A tribute to inspiring icons, the duo’s joint project involved Kerr painting portraits of Rosa Parks, Evel Knievel and many more on surfaces pieced together by Phillips.

    Place: Hello Studio
    Category: Art, Exhibits
  • Street Eaters
    Street Eaters 7/31 9:00PM

    A romantic coupling as the foundation of a band can mean bad news; just ask Rumors-era Fleetwood Mac how that arrangement holds up in the face of meteoric success. But, Berkeley’s Street Eaters appear to have a working model of how to juggle it all, while avoiding the six-second bubble gum appeal and tradeoff melodies of the many twee, indie pop couples out there. On their new release, Blood::Muscles::Bone, Megan March and Johnny Geek churn through 10 songs of stripped-down punk, relying on March’s drums and Geek’s bass to propel Street Eaters’ formidable energy. With SA’s Sheila and the Chilaquiles, and Smokey Robinsons.

    Category: Music, Rock/Pop
  • Josh Wolf
    Josh Wolf 8/1 8:00PM

    There seem to be two kinds of comedy fans in 2014: those to whom a Chelsea Lately credit is a come-on and those to whom it’s a warning flag. In the case of Josh Wolf, this binary proves as dumb as most. Though at 40-plus he looks every bit the Mannish Boy Frat Daddy, and his style—confidently delivered observations about sex and other bodily functions (what before the ’90s alt/club split was commonly known as “comedy”)—is definitely panel-ready, his actual life experiences as a single dad give his material and outlook a broader appeal than any niche he might appear to fit.

    Category: Comedy, Stand-up

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