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  • Celestial Sleuth: Astronomical Dating of Paintings

    A pioneer in the field of forensic astronomy, Don Olson, Professor of Physics, Texas State University, traces the footsteps of artists Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and Edvard Munch to determine the exact time and location of their well-known masterpieces.

    Category: Art, Talks plus
  • Exhibition Lecture: Celestial Sleuth- Astronomical Dating of Paitings

    A pioneer in the field of forensic astronomy, Don Olson, Professor of Physics at Texas State University, traces the footsteps of artists Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and Edvard Munch to determine the exact time and location of their well-known masterpieces.

    Category: Talks plus
  • Educator Workshop: Spotlight Saturday

    Spotlight invites students to make creative responses to a selected work of art in the McNay’s collection. Preview the 2014–15 Spotlight selection Haymakers Resting by Camille Pissarro and consider classroom connections. Brainstorm with other educators and develop the concept for your collaborative project. Student responses are featured at the Spotlight Celebration in May. Teachers receive three hours of continuing professional education credit. Space is limited and registration is required. Registration deadline is October 17.

    Category: Art, Talks plus, Workshop
  • Promoting Women in the Digital World: Erin Pettigrew

    Erin Pettigrew, current vice president for business development for Gawker Media, will speak on “Women in Technology: A Firsthand Look at How We’re Making It" in Trinity University's Chapman Auditorium.

    Category: Talks plus
  • America’s Test Kitchen Live with Christopher Kimball

    Join Christopher Kimball in an informative and lively evening exploring PBS TV’s America’s Test Kitchen. The audience will get an insider’s view of the show and find out what it’s really like to work at and host one of the most popular food programs airing today.

  • Butterflies-Beauty-Botany-Biodiversity

    David Davidson will tie butterflies to the native plants on his property and talk about how he uses butterflies as botanists. He hopes to heighten awareness of why insects in general, but butterflies in particular, can be used as indicators of biodiversity. He will pick out a few species, show photos, talk about about their interaction with plants, or with a specific plant in some cases, discuss what makes a butterfly a butterfly and not a moth, and give a little history of each butterfly species. He will also describe metamorphosis in butterflies.

    Category: Talks plus
  • Talk About It!: Fourth Annual Community Conversation on decreasing San Antonio's homeless pet population

    The San Antonio Area Foundation’s Talk About It program will host its fourth Community Conversation on the topic of making San Antonio a no-kill city, in partnership with District 3 Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran. The Area Foundation is bringing the event to the southside, which has a great need for affordable spay/neuter services. Two dynamic and inspiring speakers who are helping other cities reduce their populations of homeless pets will share their experiences of how spaying and neutering can make a difference for an entire city. There is a great deal of interest in this topic in San Antonio: more than 200 people attended the Community Conversation in 2013. This event is free and open to the public. Spanish translation services will be available.

    Category: Talks plus
  • An Evening with Garrison Keillor: Host of A Prairie Home Companion

    Join one of America’s most beloved radio hosts and humorists for an evening of wryly thoughtful whimsical conversation and a few old-timey songs. Garrison Keillor has won over the hearts of radio listeners with his homespun charm, reassuring voice and clever skits.

    Category: Talks plus
  • Lecture and Film: Imagining Vincent

    The life of Vincent van Gogh has inspired filmmakers from Akira Kurosawa to Vincente Minnelli. Steven G. Kellman, Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Texas at San Antonio, discusses the artists as imagined through several film adaptations.

    Category: Art, Film, Talks plus
  • Noted Costume Designer to Speak at Trinity

     Virgil C. Johnson, professor emeritus at Northwestern University, to discuss costume history as part of Trinity University’s Stieren Arts Series. A professional costume designer whose career in theater spanned more than 45 years will speak on the craft as part of Trinity University’s Stieren Arts Enrichment Series. Virgil C. Johnson, professor emeritus at Northwestern University, will present “Creating Illusion on the Stage: Re-imagining Costume History without using Wikipedia,” in Trinity’s Stieren Theater. Johnson has built a professional career as a costume designer for numerous regional and Chicago-area theaters. He has designed more than 100 productions in both the classical and modern canons. Johnson's designs have won considerable recognition, including: Joseph Jefferson Awards for his work on The Government Inspector (Goodman Theatre, 1985), A Little Night Music (Goodman Theatre, 1994), and Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2 (Chicago Shakespeare Repertory, 1998); and the Michael Merritt Award for Excellence in Collaboration and Design in 2001.

    Category: Talks plus
  • Bird Bingo
    Bird Bingo 11/1 9:00AM

    Jana and Greg Gibbons, Master Naturalists and avid birders, provide various hands-on activities to identify local bird calls and habitats. Great for the whole family. Kid friendly craft is included.

    Category: Talks plus, Workshop
  • Promoting Women in the Digital World: Amy McDonald Sanjideh

    Before joining Google, Amy McDonald Sanjideh managed the animation technology pipeline at DreamWorks Animation with credits on 18 films including the Shrek series and How to Train Your Dragon. A long-time advocate for women working in technology, she was a founding member of Tulane University’s Women in Science club. Her lecture will take place at 7:30 p.m. in Trinity University's Fiesta Room.

    Category: Talks plus
  • Visual Artists at AtticRep: A Provocative Dialogue

    Now the resident theatre company at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, AtticRep continues to provoke dialogue by engaging visual artists as production designers. Jody Blake, Curator, Tobin Collection of Theatre Arts, discusses theatre art collaboration with company directors Roberto Prestigiacomo and Rick Frederick and artists Chris Sauter, Hills Snyder and Jeremiah Teutsch. Reception precedes the conversation at 6:00 pm.

    Category: Talks plus, Art
  • The Briscoe Distinguished Lecture Series: Voices of the West

    The Briscoe Western Art Museum proudly announces its Distinguished Lecture Series: Voices of the West, which showcases unique perspectives on the history and future of the American West with experts—scholars, writers, artists, activists, policy makers—that shape our collective heritage and culture. The inaugural series will commence on November 6 with S.C. Gwynne, whose novel, Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History, spent four months on the New York Times Top 10 Bestseller List and was later a finalist for both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award.

    Category: Talks plus
  • Lecture: The Films of Jean Cocteau

    The multi-faceted Jean Cocteau wrote, designed and directed for the stage and screen. See clips from Cocteau classics such as Orpheus, The Blood of a Poet, and Beauty and the Beast with commentary by Steven G. Kellman, Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Texas at San Antonio.

    Category: Film, Talks plus
  • Grief and the Holidays Workshop

    The holidays can be a particularly difficult time after the loss of a loved one.  Many memories are associated with the different holidays we celebrate with family and friends. It often helps to talk with others and learn how they were able to work their grief while “celebrating” the holidays. Christus VNA Hospice and Palliative Care invites you to a Grief and the Holidays Workshop.

    Category: Talks plus, Workshop
  •  Exhibition Talk: Manet to Gauguin

    Lyle Williams, Curator of Prints and Drawings, discusses prints in the McNay Collection that complement the impressionist paintings on view.

    Category: Talks plus
  • Middle School: Changing the Land
  • Revisiting the Voelcker Dairy Farm

    The land that is now Hardberger Park was once a dairy farm. The Southwest Dairy Farmers bring their mobile dairy classroom to the old farm to demonstrate how milk gets from the farm to your table.

    Category: Talks plus
  • Distinguished Lecture Series - Voices of the West
  • Distinguished Lecture: Édouard Vuillard: The Magician of the Mundane
  • The Alianza LatinoAmericana: Latin Dance Lessons

    Come learn the basics of Latin dancing! Techniques covered will be footwork, body movement, terminology, timing, musicality, variations, frame, and styling. Classes will take place at the International Folk Culture Center, Room 302, at Our Lady of the Lake University. Lessons cost $45 for 10 classes, or $6 per class. For more information

    Category: Talks plus, Class
  • Tai Chi Easy/Qigong
    Tai Chi Easy/Qigong 10/23 2:00PM

    Mary Martha McNeel leads this Tai Chi Easy/Qigong class. For more information visit

    Category: Talks plus, Class
  • Tai Chi 24 Form
    Tai Chi 24 Form 10/23 3:00PM

    This class is led by Mary Martha McNeel and visiting instructors. For more information visit

    Category: Talks plus, Class
  • Some kids just love poop. But where analysts see psychosis, author Sylvia Branzei sees opportunity. Her best-selling book series Grossology explains the biology of diarrhea, boogers and blood to make science interesting to young, warped minds. From now until November 3, the Witte will host interactive exhibits inspired by Branzei’s books, along with a lot of disgusting noises and high-pitched giggles not often heard in fancy-pants museums. Fogeys will harrumph, but it might lead to a cancer cure.

    Place: Witte Museum
  • Wellness
    Wellness 10/24 11:00AM

    Led by Gilbert Valdez, Mary Martha McNeel and visiting teachers, this class provides participants with the tools to support their own well-being.

    Category: Talks plus, Class
  • Qigong
    Qigong 10/24 12:00PM

    Mary Martha McNeel leads this Qigong class. For more information visit

    Category: Talks plus, Class
  • Hatha Yoga
    Hatha Yoga 10/24 3:00PM

    Mary Martha McNeel leads this class in Hatha Yoga. A free will donation is requested. For more information visit

    Place: Tripoint
    Category: Talks plus, Class
  • Children’s Vegetable Garden Program

    Hosted at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, the Children’s Vegetable Garden Program will be held each Saturday morning from August 23 to December 6 for children 8-13. Applications for the program are being accepted until August 18. Space is limited though and the fee includes a 3.5’x28’ garden plot.

  • Qigong
    Qigong 10/27 5:30PM

    Mary Martha McNeel and visiting teachers lead this weekly Qigong class in the Angelique Garden Room at the Village at Incarnate Word. For more information call (210) 829-7561.

    Category: Talks plus, Class

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Critic's Picks all events

  • A Flock of Seagulls
    A Flock of Seagulls 10/23 8:00PM

    Maybe it’s that opening on-the-nose Jonathan Livingston ambience or maybe it’s frontman Mike Score’s wail, but AFOS’ lead single “I Ran (So Far Away)” has a bet-the-farm Cinescope grandeur only attempted a couple of other times on their self-titled debut LP and with significantly less success. In hindsight, “I Ran” sounds like the Flock knew they wouldn’t be on our radar for long, but they sure left us a single—and, of course, a silly-ass haircut—for the ages. Score has long since shaved his head, but here’s hoping he’s still giving the people half of what they want.

    Place: 210 Kapone’s    Tags: Music>80s, Music
  • Dance with the Dead
    Dance with the Dead 10/24 8:00PM

    The Institute of Texan Cultures opens its doors to a bevy of partygoers dressed as famous dead Texans for the fourth annual Dance with the Dead. The adults-only evening includes a live band, Día de los Muertos art exhibit and an art slam organized by Robert Wilkens. For an additional cost, Willie Mendez and Troy Simchak will lead tours of the museum’s haunted “hotspots.” Oh, and be warned: Guests take their costuming seriously, seeking “out the little nooks and crannies of Texas history” in hopes of winning the evening’s famed costume contest.

    Category: Special events
  • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 10/24 8:00PM

    Given the Tobin’s other inaugural bookings, the Symphony’s Pops series leans toward the conservative. But the opener is a different matter altogether, with the Symphony inviting swing revivalists Big Bad Voodoo Daddy for a program that aims “to have you swinging in the aisles.” Getting a symphony to “swing” seems a dubious proposition. But BBVD has been pulling this off with symphonies since 2005, blending a goateed brand of retro swing into the symphony repertoire on the strength of a program mixing big band jazz, jump blues and crooner ballads.

  • Cafe Tacuba
    Cafe Tacuba 10/24 9:00PM

    Published in 2012, Rolling Stone’s list of The 10 Greatest Latin Rock Albums of All Time was controversial, but no one argued with the first choice: Café Tacuba’s masterpiece Re (1994) was a game changer which jumped from alternative son jarocho and industrial metal to bolero and mambo, and from funk and norteña to banda and pop. With their second album, the Mexican quartet (AKA Café Tacvba) left no stone unturned, but the variety of genres was just a detail—the power of Re rested on dynamite songs and superb production by Argentina’s Gustavo Santaolalla, who years later would win back-to-back Golden Globes and Oscars for his scores to Babel and Brokeback Mountain. Twenty-five years after the band was formed, and 20 years after their best album, the two-time Grammy and two-time Latin Grammy winners bring their perfect blend of sophisticated art-rock and visceral mestizaje to San Antonio for their 20re–ct25 Tour, during which they will perform Re in its entirety and (we hope) a few other classics. It’s an all-ages party celebrating the legacy of one of the world’s most original (and still relevant) bands in any language.

  • NOSA Fest
    NOSA Fest 10/25 4:00PM

    This stacked event just might be boss enough to draw the staunchest inner-loopers to venture a bit farther north this Saturday. NOSA (North of San Antonio) Fest is a one-day, all-ages festival which features a live rodeo, a silent auction, carnival games, food by local chefs, prize giveaways and live music from some of SA’s finest, including Fishermen, Bekah Kelso and the Fellas, Octahedron, and Band of Bandits. We are particularly excited to catch Austin soul collective Mingo Fishtrap in this beautiful outdoor space. A portion of the day’s proceeds will benefit the San Antonio Food Bank.

  • San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks

    After dealing an existential blow to the Heat and signing back their entire roster, the Spurs have a lot to celebrate during the season-opening, pre-game bling ceremony. But don’t expect San Antonio to lose focus against the Mavs, the only team that took SA to seven games in the 2014 playoffs. While the Spurs’ lineup is almost identical to the playoff matchup, Dallas made some big moves, bringing back center Tyson Chandler, picking up former Spur Richard Jefferson and signing the budding threat of Chandler Parsons, though Vince Carter won’t be around to drop any icy three-point daggers.

    Place: AT&T Center

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  • Villela at the Mix Tuesday Nights

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