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  • Beatrice and the Puppies
    Beatrice and the Puppies 9/18 8:00PM

    Beatrice is beautiful and always happy, and a paraplegic spokesmodel for DryOnes adult diapers. Everything in her life is always perfect and always will be, no matter what. A last minute replacement added to the Overtime Theater schedule, Beatrice and the Puppies by Ann Wuehler will run from September 5 to October 4. Shows are on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, with two Sunday shows September 14 at 2:30pm and September 28 at 7pm. Special Thursday Pay-What-You-Want shows will run September 18 and October 2 at 8pm.

    Category: Theater
  • Tease-O-Vision
    Tease-O-Vision 9/20 8:00PM

    Orson Welles once said, “I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can’t stop eating peanuts.” If old Mr. Welles were alive today he’d certainly want to pick up his nuts and pull up a seat at Tease-O-Vision, a tribute to TV’s greatest moments courtesy of award-winning Stars and Garters Burlesque, SA’s longest-running troupe. These seasoned performers regularly transgress societal boundaries onstage as they explore gender and sexuality in raucous routines; it seems only natural that they should conquer the boob tube, too. Wardrobe malfunctions are promised.

    Category: Theater
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
    Fantastic Mr. Fox 9/23 7:30PM

    Mr. Fox is a very clever fox. But oftentimes, it is the cleverest of foxes that makes the greatest enemies. Composed by Opera San Antonio’s Artistic Director Tobias Picker, Fantastic Mr. Fox chronicles a gang of woodland creatures as they attempt to outwit three very brutish farmers. Picker was commissioned by the Roald Dahl Foundation to compose the music for this live action spectacle in 1998 (over 10 years before Wes Anderson’s film made Mr. Fox famous!). Tuesday’s performance is Opera San Antonio’s inaugural offering at the Tobin.

    Category: Theater, Opera
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox Opera
    Fantastic Mr. Fox Opera 9/23 7:30PM

    What better choice for Opera San Antonio's first production than a fun, entertaining comic opera that the whole family can enjoy? Join us to inaugurate the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts -- Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater as we present author Roald Dahl's beloved Fantastic Mr. Fox adapted for the operatic stage by Opera SA Artistic Director, Tobias Picker.

    Category: Theater, Opera
  • UTSA's Friends of Shakespeare:  Much Ado About Nothing

    The primary activity of UTSA's Friends of Shakespeare is hosting an annual performance series by Actors From the London Stage. This Shakespeare residency is not supported by any state funds, but rather by gifts from friends like you and ticket revenues. For many students the Shakespeare performance is their first experience with professional theater. Additionally, it is almost always their only chance to interact with and learn from acclaimed Shakespearean actors from world-renowned companies.

    Category: Theater
  • Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

    Most audiences know the story of Sweeney Todd through the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton version, or the terrifying rendition of “God That’s Good” in Jersey Girl. But, the infamous tale of Sweeney Todd can only truly be appreciated on stage where the audience is exposed to the unjust story of a barber being wrongly framed so a judge could take advantage of his sweet young wife. When released he takes out his wrath on many with the help of the disturbing Mrs. Lovett. Cameo Theater brings this revengeful tale to stage this fall. Just remember, there’s a reason the meat patties taste so good.

  • Shrek The Musical
    Shrek The Musical 10/4 2:00PM

    Category: Theater, Musical
  • Network Presents Disney's Beauty and the Beast
  • “Make a New Friend”
    “Make a New Friend” 11/4 3:00PM

    No matter where you’re from or where you’ve been, everyone is special - so join in! Elmo, Grover, Abby Cadabby, and their Sesame Street friends welcome Chamki, Grover’s friend from India, to Sesame Street. Together, they explore the universal fun of friendship and celebrate cultural similarities, from singing and dancing, to sharing cookies!

    Category: Theater, Children's
  • Sesame Street Live

    No matter where you’re from or where you’ve been, everyone is special, so join in. Elmo, Grover, Abby Cadabby and their Sesame Street friends welcome Chamki, Grover’s friend from India, to Sesame Street. Together, they explore the universal fun of friendship and celebrate cultural similarities from singing and dancing to sharing cookies. Sesame Street Live “Make a New Friend” offers a fun-filled, interactive experience including up-close and furry interactions on the audience floor. Like television’s Sesame Street, each Sesame Street Live production features timeless tunes and lessons for all ages.

    Category: Theater, Children's
  • FROGZ by Imago Theatre
    FROGZ by Imago Theatre 11/7 7:30PM

    A family friendly theatrical animation that uses movement and comedy to explore the realm of these amphibian creatures.

    Category: Theater, Comedy
  • Carpetbag Theatre’s Speed Killed My Cousin

    The sole theater presentation, Speed Killed My Cousin, is the story of a young African-American veteran of the Iraq war and her struggle with Post Traumatic stress Disorder. The Carpetbag company members will also work with San Antonio’s military community prior to the theater presentation.

    Category: Theater, Performance
  • An Irish Christmas
    An Irish Christmas 11/23 7:30PM

    An Irish Christmas celebrates the traditions of Christmas in Ireland with glorious music, traditional step dance, storytelling, laughter and an abundance of Irish soul.

    Category: Theater, Performance
  • Performance: Rachel Calof: A Memoir with Music

    At the age of 18, Rachel Calof, a Jewish picture bride, emigrated from Russia to North Dakota to make a new life as a homesteader. The open sky and endless prairie serve as a backdrop for Rachel’s story of persistence, struggle, vulnerability, and resilience in the face of adversity. A one-woman show performed by actress Kate Fuglei, Rachel Calof is adapted for stage by Ken LaZebnik with original music composed by Leslie Steinweiss. Space is limited. Fee: McNay and JCC members free; nonmembers $10; educators and students with I.D. $5. Scholarships available for two SAY Si students. Register online at or call 210.805.1768. Registration deadline: December 10 - See more at:

    Category: Theater, Musical
  • Opera San Antonio:  Salome
    Opera San Antonio: Salome 1/8/15 7:30PM

    Based on the play by Oscar Wilde, Salome tells the story of a nubile princess named Salome who lusts for the imprisoned John the Baptist, while her stepfather King Herod, lusts for her. When her stepfather asks for a dance in exchange for anything she wants, she demands the prophet’s head. This powerful, intense, and salacious play will provide any viewer with a hair-raising retelling of a biblical tale. One that continues to shock and thrill audiences.

  • Dinosaur Train Live!
    Dinosaur Train Live! 1/18/15 1:00PM

        Come join Buddy, Tiny, King, Don and more in this fun-filled, interactive and immersive live trip back in time to an age when dinosaurs roamed the earth….and rode in trains! 

    Category: Theater, Children's
  • Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story

    Before The Beatles, The Beach Boys or The Rolling Stones ever played a note, Rock ‘n’ Roll was forever changed by Buddy Holly, a 19-year-old kid from Texas. Buddy tells the true story of Holly’s meteoric rise to fame, from the moment in 1957 when “That’ll Be the Day” hit the airwaves until his tragic death less than two years later. The show features more than 20 hits.

    Category: Theater, Musical
  • Opera San Antonio: A Captivating Italian/French Double Bill

    In this double bill, Opera San Antonio presents both Il Segreto Di Susanna and La Voix Humaine. In Il Segreto Di Susanna, Count Gil returns to his home, believing that his wife Susanna was just walking alone in the street. However upon finding her humming to herself in her room, he is relieved. But, when he smells tobacco on her breath his fears immediately return. Knowing that neither he nor she smokes, he instantly suspects a secret lover. The second bill, La Voix Humaine, is a demanding one-woman opera, based on the emotionally shattering monologue that is one of the masterpieces of modern theatre. A distressed woman calls her ex-lover after their breakup and pleads with him, in a way that only leads her deeper into despair.

  •  Mamma Mia!
    Mamma Mia! 6/9/15

    MAMMA MIA! is the ultimate feelgood show that has audiences coming back again and again to relive the thrill. Now it’s your turn to have the time of your life at this smash hit musical that combines ABBA’s greatest hits, including “Dancing Queen,” “S.O.S.,” “Super Trouper,” “Take A Chance on Me” and “The Winner Takes It All,” with an enchanting tale of love, laughter and friendship. Whether it’s your first visit or your fourteenth, see the show that has the whole world coming back for more, because every time feels like the first time at MAMMA MIA!.

    Category: Theater, Musical
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

    Kirk Douglas played on Broadway as a charming rogue who contrives to serve a short sentence in an airy mental institution rather in a prison. This, he learns, was a mistake. He clashes with the head nurse, a fierce artinet. Quickly, he takes over the yard and accomplishes what the medical profession has been unable to do for twelve years; he makes a presumed deaf and dumb Indian talk. He leads others out of introversion, stages a revolt so that they can see the world series on television, and arranges a rollicking midnight party with liquor and chippies. For one offense, the head nurse has him submit to shock treatment. The party is too horrid for her and she forces him to submit to a final correction a frontal lobotomy. Winner of the 2001 Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Revival.

    Category: Theater, Drama
  • Looking Over the President's Shoulder

    The Rose Theatre Co. stages this production of Looking Over the President's Shoulder, a play told through the perspective of the White House's Chief Butler on his last day on the job. Written by James Stills, this play has been produced by special arrangements with Dramatic Publishing Inc.

    Category: Theater, Drama
  •  Shrek The Musical
    Shrek The Musical 9/19 7:00PM

    Based on the Oscar® winning DreamWorks film, this hilarious story of everyone's favorite ogre comes to life on the Magik stage. Full of all-new songs, dancing and breathtaking scenery, SHREK THE MUSICAL is part romance, part twisted fairy tale and all irreverent fun for everyone!

  • Neil Simon's

    Neil Simon’s award winning play is a poignant coming-of-age story of Jay, an older brother, who must care for his younger sibling Artie as they spend a year with their stern immigrant Grandmother and her dysfunctional family in the aftermath of their mother’s death and their father’s absence as a traveling salesman.  Despite living above Grandma Kurnitz’s candy and ice cream store, there is nothing but bittersweetness in this tale of growing up lost in Yonkers. 1991 Pulitzer Prize for drama, 1991 Tony for best play.

    Category: Theater, Drama
  • Married Alive!
    Married Alive! 9/19 8:00PM

    Married Alive! celebrates marital bliss and blisters. From wedding day to empty nest and everything in between, it's a zany musical that affectionately applauds and pokes fun at marriage.

    Category: Comedy, Musical, Theater
  • Unbroken Circle
    Unbroken Circle 9/25 7:30PM

    Category: Theater, Drama
  •  Beauty and the Beast

    The romantic Broadway musical for all generations, Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, the smash hit Broadway musical, is returning to San Antonio! Based on the Academy Award®- winning animated feature film, this eye-popping spectacle has won the hearts of over 35 million people worldwide. This classic musical love story is filled with unforgettable characters, lavish sets and costumes, and dazzling production numbers including “Be Our Guest” and the beloved title song. Experience the romance and enchantment of Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at the Majestic Theatre!

    Category: Theater, Musical
  • The Wizard of Oz
    The Wizard of Oz 10/3 8:00PM

    Category: Theater, Musical
  • The Wizard of Oz at The Playhouse

    The Wizard of Oz opens at The San Pedro Playhouse on October 3rd. Revisit the iconic story of a young girl's grand adventures in the great land of Oz as she finds her way home with some of literature’s most colorful companions. A treat for all ages.

    Category: Theater, Musical
  • Trinity Theater: The Glass Menagerie

    This play transformed the American stage 60 years ago and brought Williams out of anonymity and into the spotlight. “The play is memory. Being a memory play, it is dimly lighted, it is sentimental, and it is not realistic. In memory everything seems to happen to music.” With these words, the aspiring poet Tom Wingfield begins to reanimate the St. Louis tenement he left behind long ago, and his struggles to support his mother and sister. Much of this gripping story is taken from Williams’ own personal experiences, charged with longing, humor, and the bittersweet texture of memory. As critics began drawing more and more attention toward it, the play made its way to Broadway where it would gain, not just house-filling audiences, but also the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award. The revitalized story is as fresh and poignant today as it was in the 1940s and ’50s.

    Category: Theater
  • Rocky Horror Show

    The 36th Anniversay edition returns this fall! The classic show the way you really want to see it.

    Category: Theater, Play, Art

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  • "Mixing It Up" 9/18 11:00AM

    Curated by Deborah Keller-Rihn and Melanie Rush Davis, “Mixing It Up” is a one-stop crash-course in some of San Antonio’s most innovative artists, who experiment in this show with mixed media and photographic images. Given the crazy roster of artists involved, which includes Katie Pell, Juan Miguel Ramos, Kemp Davis, Trish Simonite, Ramin Samandari, Mario Garza, Wesley Harvey, Carra Garza and the curators themselves, this could be anything. Worst-case scenario: The viewer learns a little something about a whole lot of artists at once.  

  • Daniela Riojas:

    Daniela Riojas explores ideas of the figure in art, Latin American rituals, letting go of the past, and Jungian archetypes in “A Collection of Work,” a Fotoseptiembre exhibition comprising several bodies of material, including Being and Becoming, Dysplacia, Meiosis, Blood History and Portrait of a Woman Who Will Lose Her Hair in Two Weeks. Riojas’ self-portrait series Being and Becoming takes on a different methodology, that of the portrayal of her various archetypal selves. These acts of discovery scrutinize a ritualistic component as the work discusses the journey of storm and rapture through the gilding commodification of the female body and domestic concepts. These scenes address Latin American and Mesoamerican rituals of eating gold and the altered state of rapture within a storm. Providing a contrast are more somber self-portraits of Riojas covered in flower and egg yolks—possibly symbolizing domesticity and child bearing. At its heart, Being and Becoming is about role identification through questioning the inherent value of the female form.

  • Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2

     Follow the journey of Joe Cross, who in 2010, went from overweight to healthy and fit via a 60-day juice fast.

    Category: Film, Documentary
  • Exhibition Talk:

    McNay director William J. Chiego highlights connections between paintings in the McNay’s permanent collection and those currently on view in the traveling exhibition “Intimate Impressionism from the National Gallery of Art.”

    Category: Art
  • Lone Star Live Summer Concert Series featuring Daedelus

    Daedelus is an anachronistic dude. With the name of a mythic Bronze Age Greek architect, the sideburns of a 19th-century president and the aesthetic sense of a retrospective futurist, the LA producer isn’t held down to a place in time like the rest of us. Take his recent soundtracking work for the excellent side-scroller Nidhogg, touching on the driving rhythms and ascending, 8-bit lines of classic SNES, while introducing Aphex Twin beats and occult synths to the mix. For Daedelus, trained at the University of Southern California in jazz double bass, this clattering of influence is all in a day’s work, blending ’90s house pop with PBR&B or tasteful EDM with outsider production. With Empireal Formula, Ernest Gonzales and Ohh Yeah.

  • Neon Indian DJ Set
    Neon Indian DJ Set 9/18 10:00PM

    Austin’s Alan Palomo, who records and performs as Neon Indian, enjoyed meteoric success leading up to and following the 2009 release of his groovetastic electronic album Psychic Chasms. 2011’s Era Extraña picked right up where that album left off and established him not just as a practitioner of the fleeting micro-genre chillwave, but as an inventive songwriter and composer in general. For this DJ show, Palomo, who at one point had actually adopted a full band, is back to his turntable roots, hooking Thursday revelers up with danceable jams from across genres and, hopefully, plenty of his own music.

    Category: Music, DJ

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