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  •  Oscuridad
    Oscuridad 9/4 8:00PM

    Pushing boundaries for 29 years, Jump-Start Performance Co. is an SA institution rooted in experimentation and collaboration. A former fixture in the Blue Star Arts Complex, the performance art troupe unveils a mysterious new production this week in its new Beacon Hill space. Directed by Marisela Barrera and developed through “a rehearsal process of performance experiments, improvisation and story-sharing,” Oscuridad plays out during the final hours of a doomed cantina frequented by shadowy characters La Lechuza, Fantasma, El Señor, the Handless Maid and La Muerte.

  • Jennifer Datchuk:

    Hair might seem like an odd source of inspiration for a ceramic sculptor, yet Ohio-born, New York-raised, San Antonio-based Jennifer Ling Datchuk reminds that “these delicate strands have the power to identify us to the world, and this world can make assumptions about us based on its shape, color and condition.” Often exploring her own unique heritage (which includes Chinese, Irish and Russian ancestry) as well as underlying themes of identity and femininity, Datchuk favors pristine porcelain as a medium but also works delicate magic with fabric, embroidery and floral patterns. Amusingly titled, her solo show “Dark and Lovely” takes over Blue Star’s Middle Gallery and runs concurrently with Philadelphia artist Caroline Santa’s multi-layered offering “Code-Mixing” (Project Space), an exhibition highlighting local photographer Lané Pittard (Gallery 4) and Hill Country-based Catherine Lee’s sculptural installation “Emergence,” which comes to life with collaborative performances (7pm and 8pm Thu, 7:30pm Fri) courtesy of the Shay Ishii Dance Company (Main Gallery).

    Category: Art, Exhibits
  • Dynamite Boyz, Muscle Cars

    Hard-rockin’ and deliberately a bit obnoxious (read totally obnoxious), San Antonio band Dynamite Boyz (note the gratuitous stupidity of the ‘z’ at the end there) plays sweaty rock/old-school metal hallmarked by wild guitar shreds and fierce, bludgeoning volume. A relative newcomer to the SA music scene, this three-piece is delightful for the earnest headbanging it inspires and the give-no-fucks energy that accompanies its shows. Also melting your face on this night of dark lord worship and rock abandon is stalwart local punk outfit Muscle Car, which plays aggressive garage punk at white-knuckle speeds.

    Place: The Mix
    Category: Music, Rock/Pop
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Lynyrd Skynyrd 9/5 8:00PM

    Despite best intentions, Lynyrd Skynyrd left behind enough bullets for a million .38 Specials, but don’t hold that against them. The reign of Skynyrd—named after the gym teacher hassling them about their long hair at Robert E. Lee High School—ended at its zenith in 1977 when a plane crash killed three members, including frontman Ronnie Van Zant. But like the phoenix, Skynyrd rose from the ashes a decade later with Van Zant’s little brother Johnny at the helm. As my Southern Granny used to say “It’s worse for wear, but it’s still an effing phoenix, bro. ‘Freebird!’”

  • "7+5-3= Nine Fingers" 9/5 6:00PM

    Looking like something straight out of Lewis Carroll’s synapses, Sala Diaz is one of the quirkiest gallery spaces you may have overlooked on First Friday. The house is an experimental exhibition space that has hosted artists from all over the world. Barbara Sturm’s “7+5-3 = Nine Fingers” will be featured through September 27. Hailing from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Sturm will tackle concepts of failing, inhibition, handicaps and interruptions in drawings and installation. Expect conceptual works in which something is always missing, “at least the tenth finger of those two hands of yours.”

    Place: Sala Diaz
    Category: Art, Exhibits
  • Ruthie Foster
    Ruthie Foster 9/6 8:00PM

    If you are a fan of gospel-tinged blues music that really hearkens back to the primordial soul of the genre, you’ll want to be at Sam’s Burger Joint this Saturday as Ruthie Foster presents her new, Meshell Ndegeocello-produced album Promise of a Brand New Day. Foster, who has received various blues-specific accolades and was nominated for a Grammy for her 2012 album Let it Burn, has the kind of voice and songwriting range that can only come from a lifetime of devotion to the craft and lessons lived. Don’t miss this native Texan as she celebrates this swell new batch of material.

    Category: Music, Blues

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