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  • Matisse and Writing:

    Gemini Ink explores how Matisse used writing and poetry as a way to inspire him during his “second life”. Featuring Rick Stemm, Jenny Browne, Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson, Erik Bosse, and Mari Xingas. Directed by Tj Gonzales and music by Azul Barrientos.

  • San Antonio Fall Home & Garden Show

    For this years 28th Annual Fall Home and Garden Show, there will be not only dynamic guests, but also a variety of do-it-yourself concepts and ideas for your own designer needs. Bring the whole family because there is something for everyone.

    Place: Alamodome
  • “San Antonio|The Saga”   

    French artist Xavier de Richemont has created high-tech sets for theater and opera and collaborated with the avant-garde visionary Robert Wilson but is arguably best known for his dazzling video installations, which have graced the facades of historic locales across Europe, Canada and Mexico. On view periodically for the next decade, Richemont’s 23-minute spectacle “San Antonio|The Saga” employs San Fernando Cathedral as a canvas to “narrate the historical discovery, settlement and development of San Antonio” via a 7,000-square-foot projection choreographed to music in surround sound.

  • Recently named Best Gallery in Louisiana by American Art Awards, New Orleans-based Octavia Gallery showcases modern masters alongside emerging and established artists from around the world, with an emphasis on Cuba. Set to open this month, the gallery’s Houston outpost will focus on forging relationships with Texas artists while providing members of Octavia’s international roster a platform in the Lone Star State. Offering a taste of the gallery’s unique curatorial slant, the pop-up exhibition “Summer Solstice” features paintings and sculptures by nine artists including SA’s own Waddy Armstrong, Jerry Cabrera and Rodolfo Choperena. Curated by Alice Carrington Foultz, the group show explores the balance between light and shade via works capturing forest canopies, golf courses, swimming pools and hot summer afternoons.

  • Born in New York in 1890, Paul Strand started taking photography seriously circa 1907, when he was studying under social reformer and documentary photographer Lewis Hine at the Ethical Culture School and frequenting soon-to-be mentor Alfred Stieglitz’s Little Galleries of the Photo-Secession (later known as 291). With encouragement from Stieglitz (who published Strand’s earliest work in his seminal quarterly Camera Work), Strand sharpened up his soft-edged aesthetic and developed a naturalistic style that loaned itself to stark cityscapes, candid street portraits (clandestinely executed with a rigged camera) and still lifes touted as “the first photographic abstractions to be made intentionally.” In 1932, Strand set out to document Mexico’s changing landscape—a project proposed by composer Carlos Chávez, who was then director of the fine arts department of the Secretaría de Educación Pública. While there, Strand worked with Chávez on the documentary-turned narrative film Redes (concerning the plight of fishermen) and created more than 175 large-format negatives and 60 platinum prints depicting small towns, fieldworkers, churches and religious icons. Recently acquired by the McNay as a gift from local collector Susan Toomey Frost, “The Mexican Portfolio” highlights this ’30s-era time capsule through a set of 20 photogravures first published in the 1940 book Photographs of Mexico.

  • "Matisse: Life in Color" 7/30 10:00AM

    Spanning six decades of his life’s work, “Matisse: Life in Color, Masterworks from the Baltimore Museum of Art" showcases the comprehensive, expressive, revealing and evolving indulgence of 20th century master Henri Matisse and the richness of his exterior world. The show, assembled from the renowned Cone Collection, features the artist’s definitive pieces such as The Yellow Dress (above), Large Reclining Nude, Purple Robe and Anemones and includes 80 paintings, works on paper and sculptures. A companion exhibit, “The Art Books of Henri Matisse,” opens the following week.  

  • "Art in the Garden" 7/30 9:00AM

    Bill FitzGibbons curates works by Richard Hunt, who has completed more public sculptures than any other artist in the country, including many throughout his hometown of Chicago.

  • "Pace Gems" 7/30 12:00PM

    A former stable the late artist and philanthropist Linda Pace repurposed as her studio, 111 Camp Street housed the Linda Pace Foundation offices until recently and is now open as SPACE, the Foundation’s first public facility. Tucked in the northeast corner of CHRISpark, SPACE will showcase works from the Foundation’s stellar permanent collection along with related contemporary art exhibitions and programming. Curated by LPF’s former Executive Director Maura Reilly and organized by Collection and Exhibitions Officer Kelly O’Connor, SPACE’s inaugural show “Pace Gems” reflects Pace’s “overarching collection criteria,” which focused on artists linked to Artpace, the “laboratory of dreams” she founded in 1995. While it highlights a number of New Yorkers (including Jim Hodges, Glenn Ligon, Marilyn Minter and Wangechi Mutu), “Pace Gems” also represents SA natives like Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Dario Robleto and even Pace herself.

    Place: SPACE
  • "Fairytale Fiesta" 7/30 10:00AM

    The Witte’s “Fairytale Fiesta” invites viewers into a world of fantasy filled with gowns inspired by fairytales, myths and magic. This year’s featured pin dress is 1941’s Queen of the Court of Legends—a gold lame creation depicting the underwater kingdom of Atlantis with coral, starfish and seahorses rendered in velvet and rhinestones. Other dresses on display include the Duchess of Romantic Destiny, the Duchess of Youthful Enthusiasm and the Duchess of Insatiable Curiosity, from the 1983 Court of Never Neverland representing the Princess and the Pea, the tale of Peter and the Wolf and Alice in Wonderland.

    Place: Witte Museum
  • Vincent Valdez:

    Named after the  Abel Meripool poem and song “Strange Fruit” (which was written in protest to 1930s-era lynchings and popularized by Billie Holiday’s recording in 1939), local artist Vincent Valdez’s large-scale portrait series The Strangest Fruit brings the lost/erased history of lynched Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in Texas into a contemporary context. Previously exhibited at David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University, Valdez’s exhibition runs concurrently with light wizard Cathy Cunnigham-Little’s Window Works installation Within the Angles of Incidence.

    Place: Artpace
  • Coming to Light
    Coming to Light 7/30 8:30AM

    The Wittliff Collections at Texas State University's Alkek Library in San Marcos recently opened Coming to Light, a photographic exhibition showcasing additions to their dynamically growing holdings. On view are works from 42 internationally acclaimed and emerging photographers, recently acquired and shown by the Wittliff for the first time. The images range from portraiture and the Southwest’s natural and invented landscapes to themes related to Mexico’s history, beauty, and cultural impact upon the United States.

  • "Work Prints" 7/30 12:00PM

    Secession Gallery 107 opens its doors at Blue Star this week with the first look at an ambitious photography project focusing on a variety of issues including oil exploration, the environment and multiculturalism. Titled “Work Prints,” the two-year-long endeavor tasks photographers with capturing what America looks like today. Inspired in part by the “in-depth projects of the big picture magazines” that flourished before the Information Age, “Work Prints” aims to examine the present through an old-school lens that involves constructing a darkroom and printing a series of zines.

  • The new special exhibition Paper, Pencil & Ink: Prints & Other Works on Paper, mixes modern masters with Texas-based artists. The exhibit will run from July 10th until August 30th and will feature several artists.  

  • International Artists-in-Residence

    The mighty N’gone Fall, curator for this go-round of Artpace International Artists-in-Residence, is an art critic, consultant, educator and “cultural engineer” based in Dakar, Senegal and Paris, where she graduated from École Spéciale d’Architecture and worked as editorial director of the seminal contemporary African art magazine Revue Noire from 1994 to 2001. In addition to editing the books An Anthology of African Art: The Twentieth Century (2002) and Anthology of African and Indian Ocean Photography: A century of African photographers (1999), Fall co-curated the African Photography Biennale in Bamako, Mali, in 2001, and the 2002 Dakar Biennale in Senegal. Fall has self-described as a “former architect” and as “a curator without a space” who now involves herself with projects in public and urban environments. In 2004, she helped to orchestrate Gaw-Lab, an ongoing project in which young Senegalese video artists collaborated with idealistic software designers to workshop short web-based animations, which “aired” alongside live Q&A video chats with prominent web-based video artists from Japan, Spain and France, all shown on “squatted” video screens in public spaces—exploding the borders between countries, genres and access to technology. Fall states her worldview in her essay “Providing a Space for Freedom: Woman Artists in Africa”: “Colonialism brought in its wake a host of other isms: primitivism … racism, imperialism, totalitarianism, traumatism. Moving beyond the isms is the challenge that the new generation of female artists is taking up.” Artists Jungeun Lee (Frisco, TX), Margaret Meehan (Dallas, TX) and Kader Attia (Berlin/Algiers) go a long way in demonstrating the scars of these isms, in an unmissable nexus of nationalist ideology, melancholy and fascination.

    Place: Artpace
  • Two Women Look West: Photographs of King Ranch

    by Helen C. Kleberg and Toni Frissell

    Place: Witte Museum

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Critic's Picks all events

  • Magnificent Obsession
    Magnificent Obsession 7/31 6:30PM

    The McNay’s 60th Anniversary Film Series continues with Douglas Sirk’s 1954 romantic drama starring Rock Hudson as a reckless playboy who inadvertently causes the death of a local hero.

    Category: Film, Romance
  • Tim Kerr & Brian Phillips:

    With a nod to exquisite corpse, “You Are Here” highlights a collaboration between Tim Kerr and Brian Phillips. Kerr studied painting and photography at UT–Austin and played a key role in Texas’ early punk scene as a founding member of Big Boys and other bands. Louisiana native Phillips illustrates his mantra “One man’s junk pile is another man’s art supplies” with puzzle-like constructions built from reclaimed wood. A tribute to inspiring icons, the duo’s joint project involved Kerr painting portraits of Rosa Parks, Evel Knievel and many more on surfaces pieced together by Phillips.

    Place: Hello Studio
    Category: Art, Exhibits
  • Street Eaters
    Street Eaters 7/31 9:00PM

    A romantic coupling as the foundation of a band can mean bad news; just ask Rumors-era Fleetwood Mac how that arrangement holds up in the face of meteoric success. But, Berkeley’s Street Eaters appear to have a working model of how to juggle it all, while avoiding the six-second bubble gum appeal and tradeoff melodies of the many twee, indie pop couples out there. On their new release, Blood::Muscles::Bone, Megan March and Johnny Geek churn through 10 songs of stripped-down punk, relying on March’s drums and Geek’s bass to propel Street Eaters’ formidable energy. With SA’s Sheila and the Chilaquiles, and Smokey Robinsons.

    Category: Music, Rock/Pop
  • Josh Wolf
    Josh Wolf 8/1 8:00PM

    There seem to be two kinds of comedy fans in 2014: those to whom a Chelsea Lately credit is a come-on and those to whom it’s a warning flag. In the case of Josh Wolf, this binary proves as dumb as most. Though at 40-plus he looks every bit the Mannish Boy Frat Daddy, and his style—confidently delivered observations about sex and other bodily functions (what before the ’90s alt/club split was commonly known as “comedy”)—is definitely panel-ready, his actual life experiences as a single dad give his material and outlook a broader appeal than any niche he might appear to fit.

    Category: Comedy, Stand-up
  • Spare Parts Fine Arts Fair

    Master reuser Mary Elizabeth Cantú launched Spare Parts in 2011 in response to a decrease of creativity in the classroom and budget cuts in arts funding. Active throughout the year, her organization reaches 10 area school districts through its signature Fine Arts Fair. The fourth annual event aims to distribute a stockpile of donated art supplies among pre-registered teachers (plus members of the creative community from 12:30-1:30 p.m.) during a kid-friendly day with beats by DJ Lyricool, eco-friendly vendors, finger-painting sessions with artist Robert Tatum and photo ops with Spurs Jesus.

    Category: Art, Special events, Fair
  • Introduction to Magic
    Introduction to Magic 8/2 2:00PM

    Hocus Pocus, Alakazam! Local professional magician Paul Mims visits Westfall Branch Library to discuss the art of stage magic and teach a few basic tricks.

    Category: Talks plus, Workshop

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