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  • Carmen Boullosa at The Twig
    Carmen Boullosa at The Twig 10/23 7:00PM

    A writer in the tradition of Juan Rulfo, Jorge Luis Borges and Cesar Aira, Carmen Boullosa shows herself to be at the height of her powers with her latest book. Loosely based on the little-known 1859 Mexican invasion of the United States, Texas: The Great Theft is a richly imagined evocation of the volatile Tex-Mex borderland. Boullosa views the border history through distinctly Mexican eyes, and her sympathetic portrayal of each of her wildly diverse characters—Mexican ranchers and Texas Rangers, Comanches and cowboys, German socialists and runaway slaves, Southern belles and dance hall girls—makes her storytelling tremendously powerful and absorbing. Shedding important historical light on the current battles over the Mexican-American frontier, while telling a gripping story with Boullosa's singular prose and formal innovation, Texas marks the welcome return of a major writer who has previously captivated American audiences and is poised to do so again.

    Category: Words
  • J.R. Helton: The Jugheads
    J.R. Helton: The Jugheads 10/24 7:00PM

    Written by J.R. Helton, The Jugheads follows the Steward family on a rollercoaster ride through America's dark side, encompassing urban grit, suburban sprawl, and unspoiled country. Dragged around by his physically and emotionally hectoring father, Jake and the rest of his family must find a way to live in the shadows cast by their own American gothic.

    Category: Words, Book release
  • South of Good Book Reading
  • Kathleen Kent Book Reading: The Outcasts
  • Lee Bacon Author Event at The Twig

    When your parents are supervillains, it's hard to have a normal life. Joshua Dread tries to keep a low profile—not even his best friend, Milton, knows his secret. Luckily Joshua’s not on anyone’s radar—not like Sophie, a new girl with a mysterious past who's got everyone talking. But weird stuff is happening. Pencils explode in his hand. He leaves scorched butt marks on the carpet. And he can send bullies crashing into lockers. Turns out Joshua has a superpower. But he doesn’t have to use it for evil, right? His parents give him a book to explain things... but nothing can prepare him for when smoke creatures start kidnapping bad guys. Is Joshua's family next?   Lee Bacon is the author of Joshua Dread and its sequels, The Nameless Hero and The Dominion Key, all from Delacorte Press/Random House Children’s Books. Lee grew up in Texas and currently lives in Brooklyn.

    Category: Words
  • T. J. Wagoner: Discover the Unseen: In Business, Life, and Yourself

    What would you do differently tomorrow if you realized that your life had greater purpose? How much longer could you go through the same daily routine, knowing that you were meant to do something more important and meaningful? Go on a journey to discover a purpose and righteous cause within you by applying a 5 step method developed through T. J. Wagoners cumulative life experience and wisdom. He has helped guide countless individuals along their path toward discovering their Desire. His experience and wisdom has been developed into an engaging and transformative life experience that will help you discover the passion that drives you deep within yourself. T. J. Wagoner is a successful personal and professional coach for business leaders and has facilitated transformational change his entire life. His influences are many individuals of Fortune 500 corporate leaders as well as research and the study of many personal growth teachers/mentors throughout the years. Although his journey has brought him from a line operator on the shop floor to executive management, the most remarkable thing is that he applies those lessons to achieve balance in every aspect of life.

    Category: Words, Book signing
  • T.J. Wagoner Book Reading: Discover the Unseen
  • Carolyn Osborn:  Where We Are Now

    Carolyn Osborn will be reading from her recently published novel Where We Are Now, a collection of stories about family.

    Category: Words, Book reading
  • Nick Montfort Poetry Reading
  • Joan Cook Carabin: The Honorable Hippo Garcia

    One-of-a-Kind Judge: The Honorable Hippo Garcia, is the first biography of the legendary federal judge who worked until the day before he died saying, “Jimmy Carter appointed me for life, and I take him at his word.”  He is the first Mexican American ever appointed Federal Judge of the Western District of Texas. Beginning with his grandparents’ escape from the Porfirio Diaz regime, continuing through their resettlement in San Antonio, Hippo Garcia’s early years in San Antonio public schools, the U.S. Army, and St. Mary’s University and St. Mary’s Law School.  The second half of the book highlights incidents in his long and productive years in four different courts. The book is written from the point of view of his family members, colleagues, friends and reporters of the time. Joan Cook Carabin lived next door to Judge Garcia’s brother Henry and sister-in-law Tillie for sixteen years. She has had a life-long, back burner interest in crime-solving but never dreamed of living next door to relatives of one of Texas’ most famous prosecutors.

    Category: Words
  • Cindy Huyser Poetry Reading
  • Beth Ann Stifflemire's 'Waiting Hearts'
  • Bill Wittliff: The Devil's Backbone

    The Devil's Backbone, the first of a trilogy by Bill Wittliff published by the University of Texas Press, is an engrossing tale of a runaway boys search for his missing Momma across the old-time Southwest badlands. A page-turner packed with colorful characters, folk wit and wisdom, and unexpected twists of events, the story transforms into mythic quest through the magic of Wittliff's imaginative narrative and Jack Unruh's equally wondrous illustrations. Unruh's original drawings will be on view during the event. Attendees are asked to RSVP to to receive further information including parking instructions.

    Category: Words, Book signing
  • Holocaust Remembrance:  Survivor Stories

    The San Antonio Public Library has joined with the San Antonio Public Library Foundation and the Holocaust Museum of San Antonio to tell the stories of the victims of the Holocaust, including those who were not Jewish, beginning in April and continuing throughout the month of May. For information about digital exhibits, videos and testimonials from survivors, visit or Ana Rado Thur., May 8, 6:00PM at Parman, Rose Williams Mon., May 12, 6PM at Igo, and Susanne Jalnos Thur., May 15, 6PM at Mission.

  • Jazz Poets of San Antonio
  • Sun's Poet Society
    Sun's Poet Society 10/28 7:00PM

    Be mezmorized by the sounds from the Sun's Poet Society

  • Blah Blah Blah Poetry Spot

    Get punched in the face with the words of a righteous poet at the Blah Blah Blah Poetry Spot. The scandelous J. Alejandro hosts as authors recite thier proudest works.

  • 2nd Verse
    2nd Verse 11/14 9:00PM

    The sophisticated and soulful 2nd Verse bursts with beautiful spoken word poetry every second Friday of the month. Hosted by Glo and Vocab, 2nd verse is open to all levels of creativity

  • Open Mic Poetry Night at Luna

    Soothed by the soft sounds of jazz, you can't help to love Luna

    Place: Luna
  • Fresh Ink Youth Slam
    Fresh Ink Youth Slam 11/21 7:00PM

    San Antonio's Youth Poetry Organization, Fresh Ink, is back with monthly poetry slams and open mics. Get there early for the poetry workshop!


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Critic's Picks all events

  • A Flock of Seagulls
    A Flock of Seagulls 10/23 8:00PM

    Maybe it’s that opening on-the-nose Jonathan Livingston ambience or maybe it’s frontman Mike Score’s wail, but AFOS’ lead single “I Ran (So Far Away)” has a bet-the-farm Cinescope grandeur only attempted a couple of other times on their self-titled debut LP and with significantly less success. In hindsight, “I Ran” sounds like the Flock knew they wouldn’t be on our radar for long, but they sure left us a single—and, of course, a silly-ass haircut—for the ages. Score has long since shaved his head, but here’s hoping he’s still giving the people half of what they want.

    Place: 210 Kapone’s    Tags: Music>80s, Music
  • Dance with the Dead
    Dance with the Dead 10/24 8:00PM

    The Institute of Texan Cultures opens its doors to a bevy of partygoers dressed as famous dead Texans for the fourth annual Dance with the Dead. The adults-only evening includes a live band, Día de los Muertos art exhibit and an art slam organized by Robert Wilkens. For an additional cost, Willie Mendez and Troy Simchak will lead tours of the museum’s haunted “hotspots.” Oh, and be warned: Guests take their costuming seriously, seeking “out the little nooks and crannies of Texas history” in hopes of winning the evening’s famed costume contest.

    Category: Special events
  • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 10/24 8:00PM

    Given the Tobin’s other inaugural bookings, the Symphony’s Pops series leans toward the conservative. But the opener is a different matter altogether, with the Symphony inviting swing revivalists Big Bad Voodoo Daddy for a program that aims “to have you swinging in the aisles.” Getting a symphony to “swing” seems a dubious proposition. But BBVD has been pulling this off with symphonies since 2005, blending a goateed brand of retro swing into the symphony repertoire on the strength of a program mixing big band jazz, jump blues and crooner ballads.

  • Cafe Tacuba
    Cafe Tacuba 10/24 9:00PM

    Published in 2012, Rolling Stone’s list of The 10 Greatest Latin Rock Albums of All Time was controversial, but no one argued with the first choice: Café Tacuba’s masterpiece Re (1994) was a game changer which jumped from alternative son jarocho and industrial metal to bolero and mambo, and from funk and norteña to banda and pop. With their second album, the Mexican quartet (AKA Café Tacvba) left no stone unturned, but the variety of genres was just a detail—the power of Re rested on dynamite songs and superb production by Argentina’s Gustavo Santaolalla, who years later would win back-to-back Golden Globes and Oscars for his scores to Babel and Brokeback Mountain. Twenty-five years after the band was formed, and 20 years after their best album, the two-time Grammy and two-time Latin Grammy winners bring their perfect blend of sophisticated art-rock and visceral mestizaje to San Antonio for their 20re–ct25 Tour, during which they will perform Re in its entirety and (we hope) a few other classics. It’s an all-ages party celebrating the legacy of one of the world’s most original (and still relevant) bands in any language.

  • NOSA Fest
    NOSA Fest 10/25 4:00PM

    This stacked event just might be boss enough to draw the staunchest inner-loopers to venture a bit farther north this Saturday. NOSA (North of San Antonio) Fest is a one-day, all-ages festival which features a live rodeo, a silent auction, carnival games, food by local chefs, prize giveaways and live music from some of SA’s finest, including Fishermen, Bekah Kelso and the Fellas, Octahedron, and Band of Bandits. We are particularly excited to catch Austin soul collective Mingo Fishtrap in this beautiful outdoor space. A portion of the day’s proceeds will benefit the San Antonio Food Bank.

  • San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks

    After dealing an existential blow to the Heat and signing back their entire roster, the Spurs have a lot to celebrate during the season-opening, pre-game bling ceremony. But don’t expect San Antonio to lose focus against the Mavs, the only team that took SA to seven games in the 2014 playoffs. While the Spurs’ lineup is almost identical to the playoff matchup, Dallas made some big moves, bringing back center Tyson Chandler, picking up former Spur Richard Jefferson and signing the budding threat of Chandler Parsons, though Vince Carter won’t be around to drop any icy three-point daggers.

    Place: AT&T Center

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  • Villela at the Mix Tuesday Nights

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