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  • Chris Tomlinson: Tomlinson Hill

    Austin-based journalist and author Chris Tomlinson became a reporter in 1994, covering the end of Apartheid in South Africa and reporting from 50 countries and nine war zones including Rwanda, Somalia, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq. Hailed as a “masterpiece of authentic American history,” his book Tomlinson Hill tells the stories of two families who trace their roots to a slave plantation that bears their name.

    Category: Words, Book signing
  • Islamic Miniature Painting & French Pastry

    With a nod to the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver and its lecture series Mixed Taste, the McNay launched its own Mash-Up Series in 2012 and continues it this week with an interactive experience inviting participants to “make the mash-up connection” between professor of Islamic art Stephennie Mulder and pastry chefs Anne Ng and Jeremy Madrell.

    Category: Talks plus, Workshop
  • “Latino/U.S. Cotidiano”

    Reportedly one out of every six Americans is now of Hispanic origin, an impressive social transformation with enormous political, economic and cultural consequences. To better understand this culturally shifting phenomenon, SPAIN arts & culture  commissioned curator Claudi Carreras to gather the strongest photographic voices tackling issues of Latino identity. The resulting exhibition comprises works by established and emerging photographers such as Carlos Alvárez Montero, Sol Aramendi, Katrina Marcelle d’Au-tremont, Calé, Dulce Pinzón, Susana Raab, Stefan Ruiz, and Gihan Tubbeh.

  • TPR Presents: The Science of Sound

    With the Youth Orchestra of San Antonio providing a test sountrack, TPR’s free event invites guests to listen to the Tobin itself, hearing how the peformance space changes and magnifies the music being played. Acousticians, engineers and designers of the Tobin will break down the science of acoustics, from sound’s reverberation properties to how building shape can affect audio. Let’s just hope the TPR or Tobin folks will make good use of the opportunity to drop a Beastie Boys “Sound of Science” joke.

  • OBN III's
    OBN III's 7/24 9:00PM

    Though they live in Austin, OBN III’s members make their sonic home in the Motor City. Strutting like Raw Power-era Iggy, shredding like Fred “Sonic” Smith, OBN III’s play pure, fist-through-the-drywall, 40-to-the-face rock ‘n’ roll. With SA punkers Fruit Punch and White Christ.

    Place: Hi-Tones
  • Otis the Destroyer, Sick/Sea, Feuding Fathers

    Though the name would be perfect for a band of the heavy metal variety, Otis the Destroyer is anything but abrasive. The Austin-based blues group is indeed heavy on soul and hardcore for good, old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. Indie-poppers Sick/Sea’s sugary sweet ballads can cure just about any illness with soulful ethereal vocals and powerful harmonies. The term “math rock” is often confused as being for geeks, but SA’s Feuding Fathers prove otherwise. With complex drumming and elaborate guitar work, Feuding Fathers are the kings of mathematical cool.

    Place: The Mix
    Category: Music, Blues

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