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                            • Magnificent Obsession
                              Magnificent Obsession 7/31 6:30PM

                              The McNay’s 60th Anniversary Film Series continues with Douglas Sirk’s 1954 romantic drama starring Rock Hudson as a reckless playboy who inadvertently causes the death of a local hero.

                              Category: Film, Romance
                            • Ottmar Liebert
                              Ottmar Liebert 7/31 8:00PM

                              Born in Germany but residing in New Mexico, guitarist Ottmar Liebert plays Spanish-style guitar (not quite Flamenco) with a track record of uproarious success. With 38 gold and platinum certifications, Liebert’s 27 career LPs are a literal gold standard for New Age music.

                              Category: Music, Concert, Jazz, New age
                            • He Is Legend
                              He Is Legend 7/31 9:00PM

                              With a name adapted from Richard Matheson’s 1954 zombie novel I Am Legend, North Carolina heavy rockers He Is Legend get in line with the long tradition of rock ‘n’ rollers influenced by sci-fi and fantasy. With Maylene, Sons of Disaster, Wilson.

                              Place: Limelight
                            • Brian Phillips & Tim Kerr:

                              With a nod to exquisite corpse, “You Are Here” highlights a collaboration between Tim Kerr and Brian Phillips. Kerr studied painting and photography at UT–Austin and played a key role in Texas’ early punk scene as a founding member of Big Boys and other bands. Louisiana native Phillips illustrates his mantra “One man’s junk pile is another man’s art supplies” with puzzle-like constructions built from reclaimed wood. A tribute to inspiring icons, the duo’s joint project involved Kerr painting portraits of Rosa Parks, Evel Knievel and many more on surfaces pieced together by Phillips.

                              Place: Hello Studio
                              Category: Art, Exhibits
                            • Street Eaters
                              Street Eaters 7/31 9:00PM

                              A romantic coupling as the foundation of a band can mean bad news; just ask Rumors-era Fleetwood Mac how that arrangement holds up in the face of meteoric success. But, Berkeley’s Street Eaters appear to have a working model of how to juggle it all, while avoiding the six-second bubble gum appeal and tradeoff melodies of the many twee, indie pop couples out there. On their new release, Blood::Muscles::Bone, Megan March and Johnny Geek churn through 10 songs of stripped-down punk, relying on March’s drums and Geek’s bass to propel Street Eaters’ formidable energy. With SA’s Sheila and the Chilaquiles, and Smokey Robinsons.

                              Category: Music, Rock/Pop
                            • Josh Wolf
                              Josh Wolf 8/1 8:00PM

                              There seem to be two kinds of comedy fans in 2014: those to whom a Chelsea Lately credit is a come-on and those to whom it’s a warning flag. In the case of Josh Wolf, this binary proves as dumb as most. Though at 40-plus he looks every bit the Mannish Boy Frat Daddy, and his style—confidently delivered observations about sex and other bodily functions (what before the ’90s alt/club split was commonly known as “comedy”)—is definitely panel-ready, his actual life experiences as a single dad give his material and outlook a broader appeal than any niche he might appear to fit.

                              Category: Comedy, Stand-up

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