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                          All Art

                          • Celestial Sleuth: Astronomical Dating of Paintings

                            A pioneer in the field of forensic astronomy, Don Olson, Professor of Physics, Texas State University, traces the footsteps of artists Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and Edvard Munch to determine the exact time and location of their well-known masterpieces.

                            Category: Art, Talks plus
                          • Educator Workshop: Spotlight Saturday

                            Spotlight invites students to make creative responses to a selected work of art in the McNay’s collection. Preview the 2014–15 Spotlight selection Haymakers Resting by Camille Pissarro and consider classroom connections. Brainstorm with other educators and develop the concept for your collaborative project. Student responses are featured at the Spotlight Celebration in May. Teachers receive three hours of continuing professional education credit. Space is limited and registration is required. Registration deadline is October 17.

                            Category: Art, Talks plus, Workshop
                          • S. Ingram's

                            Visual and mixed media artist S. Ingram is joined by encaustic artist Susan Metcalfe for a one-day exhibit of paintings, sculptures and so on. 1826 E. Pyron Ave. (just south of Southtown on the S.A. River Mission Reach).

                            Category: Art, Exhibits
                          • Bonjour Les Artistes!
                            Bonjour Les Artistes! 10/26 1:00PM

                            To make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy Intimate Impressionism, the McNay is hosting a special family day on Sunday, October 26. Bonjour Les Artistes will let visitors travel to Paris without leaving San Antonio, celebrating impressionist artists while featuring activities throughout the museum. Visitors can paint en plein-air, make scientific discoveries, and enjoy French music and culture. With activities designed for the tiniest budding art fan and seasoned aficionados, Bonjour Les Artistes! is a celebration to be shared with family and friends.

                            Category: Art, Exhibits
                          • Free Family Day: Bonjour Les Artistes

                            Travel to Paris without leaving San Antonio at this free family day celebrating impressionist artists. Paint en plein air, make scientific discoveries, and enjoy French music, stories and culture. Earn a new stamp in your passport as you tour Intimate Impressionism. The McNay's gift to the community, this Free Family Day is the only opportunity to enjoy the exhibition at no cost during its stay in San Antonio.

                            Category: Art, Exhibits
                          • Lecture and Film: Imagining Vincent

                            The life of Vincent van Gogh has inspired filmmakers from Akira Kurosawa to Vincente Minnelli. Steven G. Kellman, Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Texas at San Antonio, discusses the artists as imagined through several film adaptations.

                            Category: Art, Film, Talks plus
                          • 5th Annual Distinguished Veteran Art Show
                          • Curators Choice: Dining with the Irish by Curator Merribell

                            Meet at the Front Desk Merribell Parsons, Curator of European Art, will discuss the Museum's Irish silver collection, considered by scholars to be the largest and finest collection of Irish silver in the world.

                            Category: Art
                          • Ricky Armendariz Exhibit
                          • Visual Artists at AtticRep: A Provocative Dialogue

                            Now the resident theatre company at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, AtticRep continues to provoke dialogue by engaging visual artists as production designers. Jody Blake, Curator, Tobin Collection of Theatre Arts, discusses theatre art collaboration with company directors Roberto Prestigiacomo and Rick Frederick and artists Chris Sauter, Hills Snyder and Jeremiah Teutsch. Reception precedes the conversation at 6:00 pm.

                            Category: Talks plus, Art
                          • Luminaria
                            Luminaria 11/7

                            The 7th annual Luminaria will take place on River North, a beautifully restored and revitalized area between the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts and the Southwest School of Art, which festival organizers hope will attract and encourage residents and tourists to visit this newly thriving and expanding stretch of the Riverwalk. Luminaria is San Antonio’s annual celebration of the city’s artists, musicians, performers and cultural organizations. Initiated by Mayor Phil Hardberger in 2008 and overseen by San Antonio’s creative leaders, the event provides visitors and residents with a unique opportunity to revel in the city’s wealth of traditional and innovative cultural expression presented on stages, galleries, and in locations throughout downtown San Antonio.

                            Category: Visual art, Art
                          • Jay Mohr
                            Jay Mohr 11/8 8:00PM

                            From performing stand-up comedy at the age of 16, landing his dream job on Saturday Night Live, launching his career with Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, appearing in over 200 episodes of network television and over 25 feature films alongside a plethora of Academy Award-winning actors, Jay Mohr has become a multi-media star. Mohr is an author and hosts the nationally syndicated daily Jay Mohr Sports. His podcasts each average 100K downloads. Throughout his journey, Jay still loves performing stand-up comedy—it's in his blood, his bones and his DNA. Comedy Central agrees, having named Mohr one of the 100 greatest stand-up comics of all time.

                          • The Art of Gregory Martin
                            The Art of Gregory Martin 11/9 4:00PM

                            Enjoy signature cocktails and divine catering while perusing Gregory Martin's lovely art, displayed amidst the beautiful setting of the Historic Jackson Ranch.

                            Category: Art, Exhibits
                          • Art Fit: Art and Exercise
                            Art Fit: Art and Exercise 11/11 6:00PM

                            Enjoy a short gallery talk on fitness and the visual arts in the museums collection, followed by kettlebell exercises and a run down the river led by professional coaches from Run Wild Sports. Art Fit: Art + Exercise is endorsed by the Mayors Fitness Council and Lets Move! Museums and Gardens. Runners of all levels are welcome.

                          • Art Party: Welcome Home, Yogini

                            Cash bar cocktails and music inspired by Welcome Home, Yogini Art Party is a collaboration of the San Antonio Art Museum and KRTU Jazz 91.7.

                            Category: Art
                          • McNay Mixer
                            McNay Mixer 11/21 8:00PM

                            Mix with college friends and take in art, live music, free food, and other activities.

                            Category: Art, Exhibits
                          • San Antonio Clay Arts Festival

                            San Antonio Clay Arts Festival is artful holiday shopping featuring one-of-a-kind pieces from over thirty Texas potters. Art activities for children, music, food trucks, gallery tours and potters demonstrations.

                            Category: Art
                          • Constance Lowe
                            Constance Lowe 1/29/15

                            Category: Art, Exhibits
                          • “San Antonio|The Saga”   

                            French artist Xavier de Richemont has created high-tech sets for theater and opera and collaborated with the avant-garde visionary Robert Wilson but is arguably best known for his dazzling video installations, which have graced the facades of historic locales across Europe, Canada and Mexico. On view periodically for the next decade, Richemont’s 23-minute spectacle “San Antonio|The Saga” employs San Fernando Cathedral as a canvas to “narrate the historical discovery, settlement and development of San Antonio” via a 7,000-square-foot projection choreographed to music in surround sound.

                          • Brian Phillips & Tim Kerr:

                            With a nod to exquisite corpse, “You Are Here” highlights a collaboration between Tim Kerr and Brian Phillips. Kerr studied painting and photography at UT–Austin and played a key role in Texas’ early punk scene as a founding member of Big Boys and other bands. Louisiana native Phillips illustrates his mantra “One man’s junk pile is another man’s art supplies” with puzzle-like constructions built from reclaimed wood. A tribute to inspiring icons, the duo’s joint project involved Kerr painting portraits of Rosa Parks, Evel Knievel and many more on surfaces pieced together by Phillips.

                            Place: Hello Studio
                            Category: Art, Exhibits
                          • "Intimate Impressionism" 10/23 10:00AM

                            “No, she’s a full-on Monet. From far away, it’s OK, but up close, it’s a big old mess.” As Clueless taught us in all of its art history wisdom, Monet is renowned for his staccato brush strokes and dream-like compositions. Comprising 70 beloved paintings from the National Gallery of Art, including works by Monet, Renoir, Manet, Gauguin and van Gogh, “Intimate Impressionism,” lands in SA on a five-city world tour. The McNay hosts the exhibition of impressionist and post-impressionist works through January.

                            Category: Art, Exhibits
                          • "Art in the Garden" 10/23 9:00AM

                            Bill FitzGibbons curates works by Richard Hunt, who has completed more public sculptures than any other artist in the country, including many throughout his hometown of Chicago.

                          • Coming to Light
                            Coming to Light 10/23 8:30AM

                            The Wittliff Collections at Texas State University's Alkek Library in San Marcos recently opened Coming to Light, a photographic exhibition showcasing additions to their dynamically growing holdings. On view are works from 42 internationally acclaimed and emerging photographers, recently acquired and shown by the Wittliff for the first time. The images range from portraiture and the Southwest’s natural and invented landscapes to themes related to Mexico’s history, beauty, and cultural impact upon the United States.

                          • Timothy Mccoy: Long, Long Journey to the Sea

                            McCoy, a recognized artist from Georgia, whose career was inspired by photography workshops at the Southwest School of Art from 1984-1985, returns to exhibit his latest portfolio. “These images of water transformed as it flows from the mountains to the sea were inspired by the premise that there is a correspondence between the inner, spiritual life and the structures in nature.” McCoy will teach a workshop in Fall 2014.

                            Category: Art, Exhibits
                          • Kate Ritson:
                            Kate Ritson: "Corona" 10/23 6:00PM

                            Category: Art, Exhibits
                          • Texas 4-H Quilts & Student Masterpieces

                            With skills that have brought Texans warmth and comfort for generations, 4-H Club students have used quilting to make a difference through charities such as Project Linus and Quilts of Valor. This fall, Texas 4-H students will have an opportunity to shine, as six student-made quilts are exhibited in “Texas 4-H Quilts and Student Masterpieces” at the Institute of Texan Cultures.

                            Category: Art, Exhibits
                          • The San Antonio Botancial Garden welcomes 27 sculptures (ranging in size from 6 inches to nearly 8 feet) created with 500,00 LEGO bricks by New York artist Sean Kenney.

                          • Two Women Look West: Photographs of King Ranch

                            Photographs brought by Helen C. Kleberg and Toni Frissell, Two Women Look West: Photographs of King Ranch, will be on display at the Witte Museum this fall starting in September. The exhibit is included with museum admission.

                            Place: Witte Museum
                            Category: Art, Exhibits
                          • Intimate Impressionism from the National Gallery of Art

                            Labeled as the most extensive exhibition of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings to come to San Antonio, the Intimate Impressionism from the National Gallery of Art will be on view at the McNay. It is comprised of 70 paintings with works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, and Vincent Van Gogh. This collection has never toured before and once renovation is complete, it will return to its home in Washington, making this opportunity really “once and a lifetime” for the people of San Antonio.

                            Category: Art, Exhibits
                          • Nate Cassie & Ethel Shipton Exhibit

                            Join Ruiz Healy Art for the opening reception of Nate Cassie & Ethel Shipton exhibit on October 9th along with an artist talk later on October 25th.

                            Category: Art, Exhibits

                          Critic's Picks all events

                          • A Flock of Seagulls
                            A Flock of Seagulls 10/23 8:00PM

                            Maybe it’s that opening on-the-nose Jonathan Livingston ambience or maybe it’s frontman Mike Score’s wail, but AFOS’ lead single “I Ran (So Far Away)” has a bet-the-farm Cinescope grandeur only attempted a couple of other times on their self-titled debut LP and with significantly less success. In hindsight, “I Ran” sounds like the Flock knew they wouldn’t be on our radar for long, but they sure left us a single—and, of course, a silly-ass haircut—for the ages. Score has long since shaved his head, but here’s hoping he’s still giving the people half of what they want.

                            Place: 210 Kapone’s    Tags: Music>80s, Music
                          • Dance with the Dead
                            Dance with the Dead 10/24 8:00PM

                            The Institute of Texan Cultures opens its doors to a bevy of partygoers dressed as famous dead Texans for the fourth annual Dance with the Dead. The adults-only evening includes a live band, Día de los Muertos art exhibit and an art slam organized by Robert Wilkens. For an additional cost, Willie Mendez and Troy Simchak will lead tours of the museum’s haunted “hotspots.” Oh, and be warned: Guests take their costuming seriously, seeking “out the little nooks and crannies of Texas history” in hopes of winning the evening’s famed costume contest.

                            Category: Special events
                          • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
                            Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 10/24 8:00PM

                            Given the Tobin’s other inaugural bookings, the Symphony’s Pops series leans toward the conservative. But the opener is a different matter altogether, with the Symphony inviting swing revivalists Big Bad Voodoo Daddy for a program that aims “to have you swinging in the aisles.” Getting a symphony to “swing” seems a dubious proposition. But BBVD has been pulling this off with symphonies since 2005, blending a goateed brand of retro swing into the symphony repertoire on the strength of a program mixing big band jazz, jump blues and crooner ballads.

                          • Cafe Tacuba
                            Cafe Tacuba 10/24 9:00PM

                            Published in 2012, Rolling Stone’s list of The 10 Greatest Latin Rock Albums of All Time was controversial, but no one argued with the first choice: Café Tacuba’s masterpiece Re (1994) was a game changer which jumped from alternative son jarocho and industrial metal to bolero and mambo, and from funk and norteña to banda and pop. With their second album, the Mexican quartet (AKA Café Tacvba) left no stone unturned, but the variety of genres was just a detail—the power of Re rested on dynamite songs and superb production by Argentina’s Gustavo Santaolalla, who years later would win back-to-back Golden Globes and Oscars for his scores to Babel and Brokeback Mountain. Twenty-five years after the band was formed, and 20 years after their best album, the two-time Grammy and two-time Latin Grammy winners bring their perfect blend of sophisticated art-rock and visceral mestizaje to San Antonio for their 20re–ct25 Tour, during which they will perform Re in its entirety and (we hope) a few other classics. It’s an all-ages party celebrating the legacy of one of the world’s most original (and still relevant) bands in any language.

                          • NOSA Fest
                            NOSA Fest 10/25 4:00PM

                            This stacked event just might be boss enough to draw the staunchest inner-loopers to venture a bit farther north this Saturday. NOSA (North of San Antonio) Fest is a one-day, all-ages festival which features a live rodeo, a silent auction, carnival games, food by local chefs, prize giveaways and live music from some of SA’s finest, including Fishermen, Bekah Kelso and the Fellas, Octahedron, and Band of Bandits. We are particularly excited to catch Austin soul collective Mingo Fishtrap in this beautiful outdoor space. A portion of the day’s proceeds will benefit the San Antonio Food Bank.

                          • San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks

                            After dealing an existential blow to the Heat and signing back their entire roster, the Spurs have a lot to celebrate during the season-opening, pre-game bling ceremony. But don’t expect San Antonio to lose focus against the Mavs, the only team that took SA to seven games in the 2014 playoffs. While the Spurs’ lineup is almost identical to the playoff matchup, Dallas made some big moves, bringing back center Tyson Chandler, picking up former Spur Richard Jefferson and signing the budding threat of Chandler Parsons, though Vince Carter won’t be around to drop any icy three-point daggers.

                            Place: AT&T Center

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                          • Scare Up Some Spooky Spirits! Enjoy Tequila Tricks and Treats at La Fogatas October Tasting
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                          • Villela at the Mix Tuesday Nights

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