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                          All Events

                          • E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

                            Texas Public Radio’s Cinema Tuesdays series wraps up with Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning sci-fi blockbuster following a young boy (played by San Antonio native Henry Thomas) who befriends an otherworldy being. Released in 1982, E.T. remained the highest-grossing film of all time until Spielberg’s Jurassic Park surpassed it in 1993.

                          • RCC All-Star Show: George Anthony

                            Line up of the regions fastest rising comedians! 

                            Category: Comedy, Stand-up
                          • San Antonio Stars vs. Chicago

                            Come out and watch the San Antonio Silver Stars take on Chicago!

                            Place: AT&T Center
                          • Intro to Jewlery Making Class

                            Learn to design your own do-it-yourself creations. Be introduced to everything you need to get started with the art of jewelry making including: crimping, wire looping, knotting, tool selection and more. Supplies not included.

                            Category: Talks plus, Workshop
                          • Dirty Dancing Quote-Along
                            Dirty Dancing Quote-Along 7/29 7:15PM

                            Baby and Johnny paved the way for future silver screen amalgamations of love on the dance floor; in other words, without Dirty Dancing, there would be no Step Up franchise (a horrifying thought, I know).  With such a monumental legacy, Dirty Dancing deserves our utmost respect, as well as a high amount of romantic mega-sighs. Obviously, there's no better place to celebrate it than Girlie Night, where we're unleashing the brand new quote-along (and sing-along! and dance-along!) version of the film. We've partnered with the Action Pack to take this film to the next level, which means your favorite lines and songs will be subtitled, and you'll receive interactive props, like maracas for the mambo and Patrick Swayze fans so you can cool yourself down from his hotness.

                            Category: Film, Romance
                          • Jesika Von Rabbit, Maria Del Pilar, Okapi Sun

                            Jesika Von Rabbit is the solo project from the singer of the LA Weekly's band of the year Gram Rabbit. How can you not fall in love with a girl who rhymes John Ritter with "apple fritter," and "soy sauce" with Kate Moss over a bed of dreamy, airy electronica? Maria Del Pilar helps anchor The L-A Latin Alternative scene. Also described as a latin influenced Bjork. Part pop diva, part mystic dreamer, and all Los Angeles style, María Del Pilar paints a complex sonic for wonderland dancers and thinkers alike in both English and Spanish. Okapi Sun sets the bar high for its massively hooky disco. It’s dance-pop that could very well set your brain in motion, not just your behind - Buzzbands LA. Tight beats, autotuned vocals, and hooks for days form a real live mythical EDM creature, much like the Okapi -- a weirdo mixed up giraffe-zebra that the twosome named themselves after.

                            Place: Hi-Tones
                          • Benefit Movie Night: TNT

                            Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is teaming up with Team In Training hosting a movie night featuring new release, Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson. 100% of the ticket sales will be going towards funding for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

                            Category: Benefit, Film, Action
                          • The Gallery
                            The Gallery 7/29 9:00PM

                            In their upcoming summer headline tour, The Gallery will be performing songs off their newest album, Restless. This four person band built their grassroots fan base through word-of-mouth and relentless touring. When not touring, The Gallery devotes their time to songwriting and recording which helped make them finalists in the International Songwriting Competition three times in Rock, Triple A, and Country categories. The bands versatility allows them to combine elements of folk, country and rock-and-roll to create an honest record with broad appeal. Existing fans gravitate towards the band and their songs and newcomers will find the songs on their newest album a great place to start.  

                            Place: 502 Bar
                            Category: Music, Rock/Pop
                          • Hemisfair Public Workshop
                            Hemisfair Public Workshop 7/29 5:30PM

                            Help design the civil park!

                            Category: Talks plus, Workshop
                          • Wildlife Wednesday: Fishing Fun!

                            There's no water, but there's lots of fun in this class where children learn about Texas fishing regulations and the fish they might catch in this area. They practice basic knot tying, baiting a hook, and casting techniques without water. This class is recommended for younger children who have not gone fishing before or who want to safely develop basic fishing skills. Meet at the basketball courts. This class is part of the summer Wildlife Wednesday series for students 5 to 10 years old. Class size is limited. Call 210-207-3280 or email to register.

                            Category: Talks plus, Workshop
                          • David Beck
                            David Beck 7/30 8:00PM

                            David Beck headlines for one night only. The truth is one reoccurring theme in David’s comedy. He chooses not to make up wild scenarios or characters to find humor. David is quick to point out that his show is not “G” rated but an adult show with some innuendo that doesn’t use vulgarity to get his point across. He has been heard on Fox sports radio, and the nationally syndicated Todd and Tyler morning show. TV appearances include the Sprint: Comedy Time Network, and Night Shift.

                            Category: Comedy, Stand-up
                          • The Georges
                            The Georges 7/30 7:00PM

                            When four guys started The Georges, they had a dream to play an amalgam of Rockbilly. They wanted to play early country with strong ties to the Bakersfield sound and the music of their heroes. Over the years they have produced a sound that is catchy, danceable, and really gets folks a movin’ and a shakin’ on the dance floor. They perform covers from Billy Holiday, Johnny Cash, and Elvis, and pride themselves on their dapper stage look. The Georges will keep y’all dancing’ through the Hill Country and beyond, so come out and see what the fuss is all about.

                            Place: Gruene Hall
                          • Tyler Jackson & the River City Stompers

                            Pearl is excited to announce their new Summer Dance Hall Series in partnership with San Antonio Jazz legend Doc Watkins and sponsored by Corona and Cadillac.

                            Place: Pearl Stable
                            Category: Music, Jazz
                          • The Princess Bride Quote-Along

                            Join Westley as be duels Vizzini and his crew, braves the dangers of the fire swamp, and overcomes death for true love. We'll have all your favorite lines subtitled up on screen karaoke-style for your quoting pleasure, swords for everyone to fight and dramatically switch hands with, as well as a Rescue Princess Buttercup game before the show. So lace up your boots, draw your swords, and prepare for a miracle because this is true love. You think this happens every day?

                            Category: Film, Romantic Comedy
                          • Time of the Apes
                            Time of the Apes 7/30 10:00PM

                            Science has never met fiction like this. In 1974, Japan's Tsuburaya Productions (Ultraman) released twenty-six episodes of a TV show called Saru No Gundan. Much like the Turkish "interpretations" of movies like Rambo and Jaws, Saru No Gundan re-imagined an American blockbuster as something that was more digestible for its native country's culture. In this case, it was Planet Of The Apes. Saru No Gundan told the coherent story of a time-traveling family who were trapped in a future that was ruled by apes. Fair enough. In 1987, TV producer Sandy Frank discovered Saru No Gundan and said, "Boy, this is great! But it would be even better if I cut all twenty-six episodes into one movie, dubbed the whole thing in my bathroom, and called it Time of the Apes!!" And so he did. Time of the Apes is an illogical black hole of madness, jam-packed with psychedelic visuals, deranged dubbing, and ape soldiers who drive rainbow-colored hippie vans. The movie reeks of desperation, haste, and recklessness. It has UFOs and a child-ape named "Pepe" who wears corduroys. We're not saying that Time of the Apes is better than Planet of the Apes. But it probably is.

                          • Book Swap Happy Hour
                            Book Swap Happy Hour 7/30 5:00PM

                            Bring your favorite book to swap and take a new book home!  

                            Category: Special events, Words
                          • Summer Dance Hall Series: Tyler Jackson and the River City Stompers
                          • Seaway
                            Seaway 7/31

                            From Ontario, Canada the pop punk band, Seaway, is not only a recently signed band, but also on their summer tour, “Stick Up Kid, Candy Hearts and Driver Friendly.” The 5 piece band from Oakville, Ontario consists of Ryan Lock, Patrick Carleton, Andrew Eichinger, Adam Shoji, and Ken Taylor. They’ve had a lot of success since their inception in 2011 and released their debut full length Hoser in 2013, which gained them international attention.  

                            Category: Music, Rock/Pop
                          • Magnificent Obsession
                            Magnificent Obsession 7/31 6:30PM

                            This romantic drama follows Robert Merrick, a spoiled playboy, who survives a boating accident that inadvertently causes a local hero's death. Merrick resolves to abandon his lifestyle and win the heart of the local hero's widow.

                            Category: Film, Romance
                          • Missions vs. RoughRiders
                            Missions vs. RoughRiders 7/31 7:00PM

                            The San Antonio Missions take on the Frisco RoughRiders at home.

                          • Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra
                          • He Is Legend, Maylene, Sons of Disaster, Wilson
                          • Texas Renegade
                            Texas Renegade 7/31 7:00PM

                            Place: Gruene Hall
                            Category: Music, Americana
                          • Blackbird Sing
                            Blackbird Sing 7/31 9:00PM

                            Blackbird Sing has found the recipe to blending the swaggering bravado of punk, emotively captivating lyrics of the grandest forms of folk, rural country music aesthetics, the experimentation of an indie band with nothing to lose, and good old fashioned Americana that can only be described as exclusively their own. If asked, lead singer Vito Salinas will tell it like he has countless times before, “It’s not how you play. It’s what you play that really matters.”

                            Category: Music, Americana
                          • Create2Educate
                            Create2Educate 7/31 4:00PM

                            Teachers, get inspired and start preparing for the new school year at Michaels’ Create2Educate event. Get great organization ideas along with classroom project demos and lesson plans. The first 25 attendees at each store will receive a school year survival kit with lesson plans, product samples and more.

                            Category: Talks plus, Workshop
                          • Billy O'Rourke
                          • Mish Mash
                          • Tim Kerr & Brian Phillips: You Are Here

                            With a musical resume that includes bands like Big Boys, Bad Mutha Goose, Monkey-wrench. Poison 13, and The Lord High Fixers, Tim Kerr has played an important role in shaping the US indie music scene. Multimedia artist, Brian Phillips, is a self-taught and self disciplined artist with 20 plus years under his belt. Together this duo has created a series of works that explore musicians and artists who have influenced and inspired the two throughout the years.

                            Place: Hello Studio
                            Category: Art, Exhibits
                          • Villela
                            Villela 7/31 8:00PM

                            Place: Luna
                            Category: Music, Ethnic/World, Latin
                          • The Show!
                            The Show! 7/31 7:00PM

                            "The Show!" is a showcase of Filmmakers and comedians where we have a local actor/comedian/personality interview all the filmmakers and comedians in a kind of late night talk show format!

                            Category: Film, Theater, Comedy

                          Critic's Picks all events

                          • E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

                            Texas Public Radio’s Cinema Tuesdays series wraps up with Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning sci-fi blockbuster following a young boy (played by San Antonio native Henry Thomas) who befriends an otherworldy being. Released in 1982, E.T. remained the highest-grossing film of all time until Spielberg’s Jurassic Park surpassed it in 1993.

                          • Introduction to Magic
                            Introduction to Magic 8/2 2:00PM

                            Hocus Pocus, Alakazam! Local professional magician Paul Mims visits Westfall Branch Library to discuss the art of stage magic and teach a few basic tricks.

                            Category: Talks plus, Workshop

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